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They bid Alex good night and leave him to sleep. Here come the people, Marty! Jose Garcia.

Soon, all four friends end up at Madagascar. Alex tells his folks and the pride that he's the "King of New York," which they take seriously, and they celebrate Alex's return with open arms. Comments Add a Comment . Vittorio Guerrieri. SHOW COMMENTS (0) VOICE COMPARES. Shows: Madly Madagascar… In the second film, Alex is still set on going back to New York. Alex appears in The Last episode of All Hail King Julien where he arrives in the box, spits sand out of his mouth and says "Where are we?" Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Comments Add a Comment. Unfortunately, they are spotted by the humans in the casino where the penguins are hiding and end up becoming a target for animal control. Er kann äußerst verwegen, angriffslustig und mutig sein (z. Uwe Buschken. Als er später am Seil im Kasino von der Decke baumelt, ist das eine Anspielung auf Spiderman. Deciding to go, he turns to the herd and apologizes to Marty, and reveals he can see him.

He looks out his window and sees a creature on the wing of the plane, making him yell, "AUGH! To avoid having to banish his own son, Zuba abdicates his role as the Alpha Lion (much to Alex's shock), which Makunga takes. Character information As they make their way through the jungle, Alex explains the problems he's facing to Marty. As a result, Alex no longer cares about going back to New York and decides to permanently join the circus so he can be with Gia. In the first film, Alex is a full-of-himself, flamboyant performer to the people of New York, and he's loving the life he has in Central Park Zoo. Alex has a brief argument with Skipper, who reassures him they'll fix the plane in about 6 to 9 months. B. als er sich in die Einsamkeit zurückzog, um keine Gefahr für seine Freunde zu werden). Television programs

His first act is banishing Alex and his parents from the pride, and to humiliate Alex by making him wear a ridiculous hat of fruit. He goes off to seclusion and feel sorry for himself. My little fillet.

SEE ALL Shows » Movies: Madagascar 3: Europe's … Alex hat wie alle männlichen Löwen eine prächtige Mähne und ein rotbraunes Fell. He eventually apologizes for being antagonistic to Marty, showing he can forgive and forget (to an extent). Madagascar My Name is Alex. Alex VOICE Ben Stiller.

The group ends up going to Monte Carlo on their own in hopes of finding the penguins and convincing them to take them home. In a dry location, Zuba gets angry with Alex for not telling him that he wasn't the fierce warrior he thought his son was. Crispin Freeman is the voice of Alex in Madagascar 3: The Video Game.

Er ist ein kräftiger Löwe mit großen Pranken (Tatzen) und ein grandioses Brülltalent, mit dem er seine Feinde mächtig beeindrucken kann. Alex ends up doing trapeze tricks with Gia for his act, and finds himself falling in love with the beautiful exotic jaguar. Background information The plane destroys the dam while Alex and Zuba are in a large barrel, releasing the river, which the father and son float down back to the water hole. The Zoosters, however, are ambushed and knocked out by Captain Chantel DuBois and the animal control and put back in the zoo. He also appears in the Madagascar video game.

Video Game: Madagascar 3: The Video Game Franchise: Madagascar. Manchmal hat er ein leicht aufbrausendes Temprament, aber stets das Herz auf dem rechten Fleck.

The plane takes off and during the flight, Alex fell asleep but wakes up due to turbulence. They are then welcomed by King Julien, Maurice and Mort and many other lemurs just as Alex scares away the fossa, who had been terrorizing the lemurs. Alex However, Alex and Marty soon begin to argue and have a "crate fight".

When Alex and his friends wake up in their crates, they are all glad to see each other. This may have given him the fear of the sea, or thalassophobia, as evidenced in the first film. Other names Er spricht offenbar Spanisch und ein paar Brocken (oder mehr) Französisch. Incarnations View all 21 versions of Alex on BTVA.
Alex ist ein sympathischer Löwe, der gern für seine Freunde da ist. Photos of the Madagascar (Movie) voice actors. He was later brought to the Central Park Zoo and proves to be very popular with the public. You bit the hand, Marty!

The tourists capture Alex but Marty escapes to warn the others. Alex (also known as Alex the Lion, or Alakay from his parents) is the overall main character of the Madagascar franchise. He goes somewhat into despair and defiance when it turns out they end up on the shores of Madagascar (he initially tried to swim back to New York and even tried to make a pseudo-Lady Liberty for a fire signal). You know, I've been kind of a jerk, Marty. How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World, The Madagascar Penguins in a Christmas Caper, Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted Soundtrack, Dreamworks Animation Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. Im ersten Film und der Serie sowie Fröhliches Madagascar hat Alex noch kein Muttermal auf der Innenseite der rechten Pranke. This is a highly refined type of food thing that you do not find in the wild!". But it turns out among the tourists is Nana, the vicious old lady who beat Alex up in the previous film at Grand Central Station. Marty is chased by the fossa but Alex and his friends (with a little help from the Penguins) defeat the fossa. Alex hat wie alle männlichen Löwen eine prächtige Mähne und ein rotbraunes Fell. Zuba tried to rescue Alex but couldn't. That night, Zuba and Florrie show Alex a couple of his old things from when he was a cub, and explain how he was lost. Full name He and Marty, Melman, and Gloria are now part of a circus troupe since Madagascar 3. Alex is then given fish by the Penguins instead of steak to sooth his meat craving. Alex mistakenly believes that this ceremony is a talent show of sorts and eagerly accepts. Incarnations View all 21 versions of Alex on BTVA. Hiroshi Tamaki. Ansonsten ist Alex sehr selbstbewusst, sarkastisch, etwas rechthaberrisch und meist fröhlich. You don't bite the hand that feeds ya! It's fun-people-fun-time! Auf dem Dach des Kasinos von Monte Carlo hängt er kopfüber von einem Stahlträger, ohne dass etwas an ihm hinunterbaumelt. He also reveals he never thought much of Marty's problems because to Alex, Marty never seemed the guy to have problems. When they do get the contract, the group returns to New York, upsetting their new friends in the process, Alex ends up deeply hurting Gia when she finds out that he is a zoo animal. Trending: 264th This Week. As the truck turned, the crate Alex was contained in fell into a river (due to the damaged safety harness) and began floating away. FRANCHISE RELATED. Being kicked by Nana during their fight on Grand Central Station. Movie: Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted Franchise: Madagascar. So, in retaliation, they sic Nana on Makunga, who attacks him for having her handbag, and drags him off the reserve.

Alex, Marty, Gloria, and Melman then see a jeep of tourists, and they chase after them to get help. ALL; SHOWS (5) MOVIES (3) GAMES (7) RIDES (2) ADS (3) NEW FEATURE - Click the Filter dropdown to view VAs grouped by reprisals.

Suddenly, an elderly lion named Zuba and his wife Florrie show up, and Zuba at first believes that Alex is a rival lion coming to challenge him for the title as Alpha Lion.

The Penguins of Madagascar (guest star) All Hail King Julien (last episode) This is a highly refined type of food thing that you do not find in the wild!". Ben Stiller is the voice of Alex in Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted, and Hiroshi Tamaki is the Japanese voice. Whilst this was going on, Alakay was lured away and captured by poachers, who placed him in a crate i…

26 images (& sounds) of the Madagascar cast of characters.

He is the king of New York, Marty's, Gloria's, and Melman's best friend, and Zuba's and Florrie's son (as revealed in Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa).

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