aliasing problem in virtual address cache

Help Desk Software Powered by SmarterTrack. ALIAS-records (in Simple DNS Plus v. 5.3 and later) are virtual alias records resolved by Simple DNS Plus at at the time of each request - providing "flattened" (no CNAME-record chain) synthesized records with data from a hidden source name.

It is determined whether the these addresses are aliased, i.e., more than one virtual address exists for the same location in memory. Easy way to provide records for many sub-names. This setting and the file location is determined in the postfix configuration file /etc/postfix/ like so: virtual_alias_maps = hash:/etc/postfix/virtual intercepting virtual addresses to a virtual cache and memory management unit; passing the virtual addresses to the virtual cache and memory management unit if virtual addresses are not aliased; and. & Terms of Use. It will be understood that the particular method and device embodying the invention are shown by way of illustration and not as a limitation of the invention. This ensures that clients will not cache stale data. If the virtual address VA is not to the current process in slot 0, then the virtual address passes unchanged through the dealiaser as VA' to both the MMU and the virtual cache, since the multiplexor 112 passes the VA at its sel=0 input. Problem 1: Virtual Memory Multiple choice: Check one unless otherwise noted A) (2 Point) In a virtually indexed, physically tagged cache, what part of the virtual address is used to select the cache set? The present invention relates to a virtual address dealiaser, the effect of which is illustrated in FIG. In general according to one aspect, the invention features a method for supporting virtual address aliasing. A shifter 13 is positioned on the read port RM and is controlled by shift controller 36 and register file port RS. . In the preferred embodiment, the processor is a StrongARM 1100-type processor. And yes, this works very well with the round robin option for load balancing.

The value of the upper 7 bits of the virtual address is compared to 0 in logic 110, which could be implemented as a seven input NOR gate, for example. 63) hold the 63 active processes supported by the system. If you don't run your own secondary DNS servers - consider using - which is based on Simple DNS Plus and fully supports these ALIAS-records. Instead, the virtual address aliasing occurs between the supported applications, or at the process-slot scale. ALIAS-records can also be wildcard records (* FIG. detecting virtual addresses directed to the current process slot; and. CDNs The addressed data from the virtual cache is passed to the load bus Lbus of the register file 12. 63 and additionally to slot 0. Unfortunately this is not possible because such a CNAME-record would conflict with other records that are always present for the zone name (SOA / NS).

Each of the processes is limited to 32 MegaBytes (MB). . ALIAS-records may not be served correctly if secondary DNS servers for the containing zone are not running Simple DNS Plus v. 5.3 or later. It is recognized, however, that in other situations it may be desirable to implement the inventive dealiaser on the path to either the cache or memory management unit individually. �u��A"8��IH�E�ee\Y��0��.��}���wH߇�Y��&/��_>2N$�ؠG��c�`s��\E�L�_&�%�������}��J��X w��M���O3���0���ʳk �_F��G3Z��Y$#L�8�j6��? ALIAS-records are not compatible with DNSSEC. 63 processes pass unchanged through to the virtual cache. Another two GB is system space.

If not aliased, the addresses are simply passed to the virtual cache. ALIAS-records are similar to CNAME-records. In other embodiments, the virtual cache is divided into process slots corresponding to separate active processes, with address aliasing existing between a current process slot and one of the active process slots. 0×1FFFFFF to look like references to CPR*225 +0 . . forming new virtual addresses from the intercepted virtual addresses and passing the new virtual addresses to the virtual cache and memory management unit if the virtual addresses are aliased. In some embodiments, only the high order bits of the addresses need to be changed. However, if the address is for the current process in slot 0, only the lower 25 bits of the virtual address pass through the multiplexor 112 of the dealiaser 100.

2 0 obj �_���v��+ �-�)�B�zy'P����@� kA�+� Other program counter sources are shown. A common issue that arises with virtual caches is aliasing, i.e., the mapping of multiple virtual addresses to the same physical address in memory. Software using virtual addresses obtains advantages associated with relocation, which is especially useful in multiprocessing environments. More particularly, the present invention provides support for multiple virtual addresses to the same physical address in systems that require only the current process to exist in two virtual-address locations. stream Such operating systems do not require virtual address aliasing at the page level, which could require backmapping hardware. All rights reserved. Proprietary / non-standard . In the preferred embodiment the addresses are passed to both the virtual cache and memory management unit together. For example: / A-records -> "", and / MX-records -> "". These addresses, however, are directed to the same locations in the virtual cache so that the addresses are not aliased from the perspective of the cache, thus avoiding the need for other hardware to compensate for the address space aliasing. +0×1FFFFFF. endobj You must be logged in to perform this action. Multiple ALIAS-records for same name / different types You can have multiple ALIAS-records for the same name but different record types. The principles and features of this invention may be employed in various and numerous embodiments without departing from the scope of the invention.

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