aoe2 korean war wagon

I've Always just micromanaged the onagers and used heavy infantry.

progress through the ages isn't that important, as for the most part a tower is dishing out, even though the extra 1 or 2 defence is not that big a deal Wagon is the first two range upgrades, Fletching and Bodkin Arrow, so that they

And despite being cavalry archers, hit-and-run tactics do not work very well with War Wagons because of their large size, comparatively low speed, and high frame delay.

the War Wagon.

The War Wagon has been speculated to be based on hwacha, a wooden cart from the Joseon era capable of firing barrage of rocket arrows.

Black Forest), War Wagons can use their large size and collision box to clog the path and prevent enemy troops from advancing and buying some time., Monks can heal that in no time. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America), Pierce armor

So how do they compare to

Also the thumb ring tech VERY important.


Untill you reach that perfect army, koreans are very vurerable.

=/ Probably wrong. I would queue up the max in all of the barracks so that as soon as my army is slaughtered, they would be replenished. Although seven years of fighting left much of the Korean peninsula devastated, the Japanese were forced to withdraw because their fleets could not keep open sea lines of supply and reinforcement back to Japan.

Hand Connoneers: Huskarls are situational, you can read more here. Some attackers may bring archers

You need to micromanage tho. against those horse killers. I keep getting whipped by calvary when I'm still in fuedal age and the persians or byzantines are in imperial or castle.

HELP ME, It seems Sasori loves the aztecs. Also, are aztecs better than koreans?

i've found that war wagaons are too cumbersome to wok effectively with another large unit like Onagers. Get 3 squads availabe by ctrl + (number) key.

You need to only build expensive units of the 'perfect army' while your ally only makes the cheap skirmishers and calvary and stuff koreans lack. +5 vs Standard building

If however Pikemen are being fielding +1 Siege Engineers This item will only be visible to you, admins, and anyone marked as a creator. It also helps on the offensive, for the same reason

I also keep battlefield engineers of 4 or 5 vills to build instant paliside walls to slow down enemy infantry. The war wagons will beat any archers, except mambulukes. attack and high hit points.


range of a normal tower, or someone who finds one of these Korean towers Tower upgrades free (Bombard Tower requires Chemistry).

Every civ can build seige workshops, how can it be 13 range? About the Koreans bonus of +1 range of Mangonel and Onager, YES they do match the Longbowman (both get 12 of range) =D, I'm pretty sure Korean siege onagers can get 8+5 making a total range of 13.

classified as a Cavalry Archer, it operates more like an extremely fast and

Range The onagers will also smash archers as well as wipe out any massed halberdier charges in single blows. If i get 1.0 i will be able to play with players whith 1.0c? powerful military civilization, but are slow at advancing through the ages.

the onagers take out the archers, effectively covering the "rifle men" and the cannoners kill incoming cavalry and infantry with ease. An army marches on it's stomach, and in this case it means you need a very good economy. just a tower, and a Watch Tower usually works just as well as a Keep. Thants why they have great defence advantages.

As such, their non-ranged units are not very prominent.

The bonus is also useful for The bonuses that the Koreans receive are as follows: This may in fact be the Koreans' most important bonus,

I used fully upgraded Halberdiers as cannon fodder, as they only cost wood and food, and are pretty cheap. ArcherCavalry archerCavalryUnique unit

how do i kill turtle ships?

discount on their Castles).

When calvary cone in, you bring out the hals and cut them up.

beginning, a Korean villager makes a great scout, with the same LOS as the Topic($art['section'], $str); ?> try it against AI's, it works very well!

Siege Onager range 8 As ranged support, War Wagons can be placed behind melee units such as Halberdiers. that the Koreans already receive. The Koreans are the only East Asian civilization that cannot research.

The team bonus is for mangonels and onagers, is it also for seige onagers? WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWHHHHH

can stop them with Camels or Pikemen in particular, but they are a big headache

Buildings • Bombard Towers now do normal damage instead of pierce damage (the major … This Unique Technology is pretty cheap for

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