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To exit fullscreen mode, press escape. 2015-11-24, does not work on my computer either blank black screen or says requires windows. Your goal is to make sure there are no blackouts, that the power grids are functional, and that you always produce the right amount of power. Published by Mindscape, Inc., this strategy and simulation game is available for free on this page. tester The_Medical_Car The basic point of the game is to raise your country's (either USA or USSR) prestige level and spheres of influence all over the world while at the same time avoiding nuclear war. Dear Abandonia visitors: We are a small team that runs one of the largest DOS Games websites in the world. unclemoneybags Ah, the cold war, probably the closest age in mans history that he was to causing the mutually assured destruction of his fellow man. If Abandonia is useful to you, take one minute to keep it online for another year. run Balance of Power, read the DOS version. 2020-03-04 href="" target="_blank"> Raphael (1261) [review game] Critic Reviews. Play Balance Of Power Now then, onto the game. DOS version, I couldn't get this to run on DOSbox... :-(, CJR

Puzzle game about economics which becomes more strategic the more you play it. In 1989 he created Balance of Power… We suggest you install the latest version of one of these browsers: To enhance your user experience, support technical features, and personalize content and ads, this site uses cookies. In the game you have many options or "policies" in which you can enact to one of numerous (i believe 80) countries around the globe in a hope to raise your prestige, and as title goes, alter the "balance of power". You’ve completed your Kongregate account! Power up the energy grid! 2013-04-18

Share your tips to run properly Balance of Power in your browser: best browser to use, specific DOSBox config... You can drop a comment for anything too! Fellow retro gamers also downloaded these games: Terms About Contact FAQ Useful links Contribute Taking screenshots How to play. You will always be able to play your favorite games on Kongregate. This feature is still experimental, the game may not work properly. USD - $ Balance is a free puzzle game about electricity and power grids. Plug in and press a button to use it. See more Balance of Power: The 1990 Edition screenshots. Information on the may not be duplicated without permission.

It not only taught me about politics and world affairs it was also a game that till this day I can remember almost all about how to play it. PLN – zł DOS version, Another Linux User FAQ first! We may have multiple downloads for few games when different versions are available.

when I press start it just downloads the xip. 2013-04-18

Multipolar gives the player a wider variety of gameplay inwhich he can now go to war, and other neat stuff. The original game, Balance of Power, was made by Chris Crawford in 1985 for the mac, and ported to Windows in 1986. Really silly.

Playing experience can be poor due to your browser or your computer.

Complete Initialization for 10 kreds p+-Playlist Simple and addictive puzzle . This was one of the best games I played when I was 15 on my Atari 520ST. If you have trouble to Various files to help you run Balance of Power, apply patches, fixes, maps or miscellaneous utilities. NOK – kr dosdog 2020-06-09.

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