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Glossary of House Building Terms The following are definitions to some common terms you may run into as you review your blueprints, plan for home construction, or build your house. We are consumer advocates providing home building and renovation advice in New Zealand since 1989. Licensing Building Practitioners (LBPs) – A licensing system for the building industry covering designers and trades. Building Code – The national, mandatory standards for building work.

Plywood manufactured to the structural specifications and standards of APA - The Engineered Wood Association. Architectural House Design: Online Resources, Product X Architecture’s Escea Fireplace Wall Feature, Managing your food waste in an Eco-friendly way, Our Wonderful and Supremely Useful Publications. Monolithic cladding – A cladding of sheet material forming a continuous mass, with an applied coating to give the appearance of a seamless cladding. moisture may occasionally enter a weathertight building but is able to harmlessly escape or evaporate. The Building Act 2004 (sections 397–399) provides that building work on household units is automatically covered by warranties as to the manner in which the work is undertaken and the suitability of materials used. X bracing: A pair of diagonal braces or struts from corner to corner forming an “X.”.

Balustrade: A railing composition composed of upper and lower rails, balusters and pedestals. A membrane enclosing a pressurized occupied space, which must be held down to its foundation. This includes aspects of siting, design, construction, operation, maintenance, and removal. The construction industry use some arcane terms. A wall that supports any vertical load in addition to it's own weight. In GFRC (glass fiber reinforced concrete) or Architectural Fiberglass column capitals, the abacus may be cast as part of the capital or as a separate piece. A variation requires an amendment to the building consent and needs to be formally advised and justified to the building consent authority, and then checked, approved and recorded by the building consent authority. Building – Any temporary or permanent, movable or immovable structure including a structure intended for occupation by people, animals, machinery or chattels. Residential fire walls, usually with a 2- to 4-hour rating, designed to prevent spread of fire from an adjoining occupancy; extends from foundationGlossFoundation.1041 to or through the roof. Chimney pot: A decorative terra cotta chimney extension usually placed above a brick or stone chimney. Bonding agents that set hard when not exposed to oxygen.

Here are a few to help with the communications… A Acceptable Solution – A design solution deemed to comply with the Building Code that is pre-approved and therefore has fewer compliance costs associated. Resource consent will be needed when a building project will contravene a permitted activity, for example, wishing to locate a building closer to the boundary than permitted on the District Plan.

Canopy: A projecting roof structure that shelters an entrance. A short piece of gypsum board adhesively laminated behind the joints between each framing member to reinforce the joint. Balconet: A false balcony, or railing at the outer plane of a window. An electrical device to provide the starting voltage and operating current for fluorescent, mercury, and other electric discharge lamps. Resistance to being worn away by rubbing or friction. It does not constitute professional advice. Risk matrix – A table in the Clause E2 Compliance Document (Acceptable Solution E2/AS1) that enables the calculation of a ‘risk score’ by the allocation and summing of scores for a range of design and location factors applying to a specific building design. A substance used to hold materials together by surface attachment. The warranties apply whether written into the contract or not.

These are ‘standalone’ solutions put forward and substantiated by the building consent applicant and considered and approved on their individual merits by a building consent authority. Alteration – The rebuilding, re-erecting, repairing, enlarging and extending of a building. The maximum unit stress permissible in a structural member. The algebraic sum of the moments of all forces that are on one side of a give cross-section of a beam. It is derived from coal and petroleum. (2) American Insurance Assn., successor to the National Board of Fire Underwriters and a nonprofit organization of insurance companies. Brick header: A brick oriented with the smaller end exposed on the face of the wall and smaller dimension vertical; typically placed over window and door openings. Fenestration: It’s a blanket terms for the design, construction, and presence of any openings in a building.

Corinthian: The most ornate and recent of the Greek classical order.

Cupola: A small structure projecting above a roof that provides ventilation and can serve as a “look-out.”. Resource consent – A consent issued by a Territorial Authority to use the land in a way that is not a permitted activity under a council or district plan.

Cornice: The projecting moldings that form the top band of an entablature or wall.

or the ceiling (beams, etc.). Accessories can be purchased with the building or at a later date.Aluminized:Aluminum coated steel.Anchor Bolts:Anchor Bolts are typically set in concrete and used to anchor structural members to the foundation. arch: a structure spanning an opening that is supported from the sides. Andrea B. Formerly American Standards Assn.

Entablature: The horizontal band of elements above the column capitals in classical architecture. A material that has the ability to cause molecules of gases, liquids, or solids to adhere to its surfaces without changing the adsorbent physically or chemically. Palladian: Neo-classical architecture in the style modeled after the Italian architect Andrea Palladio aka Andrea di Pietro Della Gondola. Sign up for the latest news, product offers, and industry events. Heavy, threaded bolt embedded in the foundation to secure sill to foundation wall or bottom plate of exterior wall to concrete floor slab. Usually refers to the bolts at the bottom of the columns, wind posts, end wall posts and door posts. From March 2012 certain critical building work will need to be carried out or supervised by a licensed building practitioner. Source: Min of Business, Innovation & EmploymentL: Building and Housing Group. Dependency: A subsidiary building connected to the main building, often one of a symmetrical grouping. A relatively permanent point of known location and elevation. Don’t see the term you were looking for in the list above? A continuous reinforced beam formed from horizontal masonry members bonded with reinforced concrete. Tradesperson – A skilled manual worker who has typically been formally trained through an apprenticeship programme, for example a carpenter, plumber, roofer, painter or plasterer. American National Standards Institute, a nonprofit, national technical association that publishes standards covering definitions, test methods, recommended practices and specifications of materials. Inadequate flashings have been linked to problems with Weathertightness.

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