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Not to be confused with the daughter of a wrestling god. I don't wish to spoil this series any further than I already have for any (if any) prospective viewers that are left at this point, but I really must mention, that after all the disappointment and anger, the emotion that I was finally rewarded with was... utter confusion. Yuu really wants to do a. Yuu has the ability to poach the abilities of people he leaps into, using this to time leap and save Ayumi. Now remember that part about hand-me-downs?

After he's invited for some pancakes, she pretends to suddenly have to go home so the two can spend time alone together.
Thankfully, Nao is able to slap some sanity back to him. After Yu finishes eating, he points out this promise, which is when Nao tells him he didn't eat one bite, but rather the entire thing. Charlotte's premise is simple but sufficiently intriguing; a group of adolescents inherit superpowers that will eventually disappear when they reach adulthood. =============== Yuu managed to absorb and strip the powers of all the ability users in the world, saving them in the process from any persecution or experimentation, but the burden of doing this cost him his memories, even his memories of Nao. Sala nearly outright states it, while Shunsuke's price deteriorate his eyesight and seals his ability once he goes blind.

Their encounter reveals the destiny for wielders of special abilities.

Charlotte was an anime I looked forward to from the time the first teaser dropped.

Elements that were clearly pitches for full episodes were reduced to scenes only a few minutes long. He goes back in time, and attempts to save ability users, but is repeatedly thwarted by the organization studying them.

I wanted a happy ending and I got what I wanted. Unfortunately, Charlotte fails to improve on its predecessor, and in many ways is significantly worse, resulting in one of the most disappointing anime I have ever seen.

Then one day, a mysterious girl from another high school named Nao Tomori suddenly appears before him and ruins all of his comfortable life in his new high school by exposing his cheating tendencies. Dango play a big role in Episode 7. Wait, they just announced a Rewrite anime? Also, when Yuu listens to ZHIEND for the first time, the scene, colors and his reaction are extremely similar to Iwasawa Masami hers when she listened to Sad Machine for the first time. A box full of instant ramen cup which Yuu's uncle left for him on episode 1. However, his forcefield protects him. So if you’re a Key fan who wants to watch a Key anime, then rejoice – you have found what are looking for. Episode 6.

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