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It can be considered to be the most environmentally friendly and cost-effective consensus method. The existing codebase of PinkCoin platform is being optimised by the developers while researching advanced techniques on gasification. Any transactions after this height (2017–12–22/23) will need to be resent to the network to be processed. Founder, Couchsurfing Former Partner, Tandem Capital. popular-all-random-users | AskReddit-news-funny-pics-gaming-worldnews-aww-todayilearned-Showerthoughts-movies-gifs-videos-tifu-science-OldSchoolCool-mildlyinteresting-Jokes -Documentaries-explainlikeimfive-space-Art-personalfinance-EarthPorn … PinkCoin is a new and unique cryptocurrency that works to attain some charitable goals first and only then focus on returns or profits. We are not a massive project like Bitcoin, just a few developers working in their spare time to build a self-sustaining charity for the betterment of humanity. Traders trying to get PinkCoin might probably first need to buy Bitcoin or Ethereum at a cryptocurrency market and exchange it for PinkCoin in. The pinkcoin community on Reddit. Cryptocurrency exchanges are always on the radar of hackers, so it’s always safe to keep your cryptocurrency in a private wallet. However, these features are still experimental, so people are advised to use them at their own risk. <1 day confirmation), these will likely confirm in the next flash-stake period. Please update to Pinkcoin, this is a mandatory HF to mitigate an active attack against the Pinkcoin Network. Pinkcoin is a hybrid PoW/PoS/FPoS (Flash Proof of Stake) coin. This caused over ~300,000+ coins to be produced prematurely, inflation, and will throw out Proof of Stake Balance. Daniel Hoffer . “BSIC is leading the conversation about what blockchain can do to foster financial inclusion, diversity, supply chain, identity & vulnerable populations, energy & environment,” said Danny Johnson, CEO & Co-Founder, Pinkcoin. Remove any old ‘addnodes’ in your pinkconf.txt, Delete peers.dat from your .pink2 datadir. Though hardware wallets are more secure since they are not connected to the internet 24/7 and can be kept securely wherever you like. The concept will improve mempool (unconfirmed transaction) draining every 6 hours, helping clear any backlogged transactions when and if this occurs in the future. They have a unique way of promoting their cryptocurrency. Decentralized Exchanges: Three Types That Will Be Essential For The Crypto Economy, Bitcoin as an Ideal Basis For Nash’s Ideal Money, Cryptocurrency & The Cost of Doing Business, Alien, Dismissible, Dangerous, Greedy, True, People Will Not Use Bitcoin Because You Give it to Them (And That’s OK). However, the attacker could fix time/difficulty by ‘warping’ around this 2 minute window. This is Part 2! We can award everything from kudos to neat swag to cold hard cryptocurrency for bugs (depending on severity). FPoS offers a modified stake reward for 4 hours a day. PinkCoin is a cryptocurrency designed as a charitable platform from a company of the same name in Vancouver. It is currently pursuing opportunities in consulting, research & publications, hackathons, meetups, conferences, speaking opportunities. We believe the following 10 addresses performed the PoW attack: If you know of a vulnerability, weakness or fault in the current Pinkcoin code, please reach out to us on Discord. Since 2014, Pinkcoin has raised more than half a million for Donate4Life, the National Breast Cancer Foundation, the Houston SPCA and Black Girls Code. The HF fixes the time-warp difficulty adjustment bug, and undoes all the dishonestly mined blocks. Pinkcoin, a social impact cryptocurrency co-founded by professional poker player turned cryptocurrency philanthropist and entrepreneur Danny Johnson is the newest member of the Blockchain for Social Impact Coalition (BSIC), an initiative of ConsenSys that incubates, develops, and implements confederated blockchain products and solutions that can address social and environmental … Post-Update steps Remove any old ‘addnodes’ in your pinkconf.txt Danny Johnson started Pinkcoin in 2014 in efforts to revolutionize charitable giving – by way of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Usage after the limit can result in the coins returning back to your wallet. When running, rescan the blockchain from the HF height: Attackers were invalidating honest blocks, and dropping valid transactions. can be downloaded here at our website. New consensus rules past block 315065 are: https://github.com/Pink2Dev/Pink2/commit/e8c2d3a739c401ce7bed9caed2177298be2bc69f, https://github.com/Pink2Dev/Pink2/commit/b0197c780e2e2551c2176366f54c6290a7133a65, https://github.com/Pink2Dev/Pink2/commit/cb923a94b708a28c1d495e1d750d4d36e733c143, https://github.com/Pink2Dev/Pink2/commit/de138d21be6edc14f2e658c7385db76898f2a1a2, https://github.com/Pink2Dev/Pink2/commit/4b7691cd0a8e137e3429b674039d4868ea6b9477, https://github.com/Pink2Dev/Pink2/commit/435124057faf722d0947f7ee8608ca083eb401e3. The root cause is a bug in the way nActualSpacing is calculated. PinkCoin offers another revolutionary and unique staking feature called, It’s not always possible to directly buy cryptocurrencies like PinkCoin through liquid cash. An Interview with Danny Johnson of Pinkcoin … For more information or to see how you or your organization can get involved, visit the official BSIC site. All your pinkcoin are safe, and no coins were stolen in this attack. It is relatively safer, as it's backed by certified diamonds which are insured by Lloyd's of London and stored in a private vault at 21 Dundas Square in Toronto, Canada. PinkCoin has interesting future plans. It is trying to soar onto a platform to explore the, “We are working hard to build our new wallet and redesign coin specs to support the. The cryptocurrency has a core team of 15-20 people with 4 members as their Board of Advisors. Danny Johnson. Though PinkCoin (PINK) has been recognized for its charitable aim and endeavours, its past price trends and ability to stand out amongst other cryptocurrencies gives an idea of its bright future in terms of an investment.

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