detention game review

Detention comes with good characters and a decent story about an overlooked period in history, but it might fall flat to viewers with no knowledge of the setting or the video game. By Reuben Baron 2 days ago Detention might very well be the best movie based on a video game ever. I usually dislike inventory puzzles and searching the screen for what. While those familiar with the game will understand, newcomers will be left putting several puzzles together. When the player prompts the character to hold their breath, they are undetectable in this state, but just like in real life, players cannot hold their breath for long; because of this, players must time their breathing accordingly. Detention is a surreal horror game set in historic Taiwan, where the nation is in a state of Communist paranoia and certain literature has been outlawed. While the subject matter is definitely worth discussing and I'd personally love to see more of this in games moving forward, the way in which it's been executed here left me groaning by the end of the three hours. Incorporated religious elements based in Taiwanese/Chinese culture and mythology, the game provided players with unique graphics and gaming experience. Predictable in terms of story and unimaginative in terms of game design, Detention doesn't work as a game. Watching … With this, players are also given interactable objects that are often used at later points in the game, much like other survival horror games. We cover gaming news, movie reviews, wrestling and much more. It has a fantastic story that made me push through the puzzles to learn more. He decidido hacer esta critica en castellano (mi lengua madre) principalmente debido al tema del juego, la dictadura, este juego trata el tema. Something really noteworthy about the plot is the fact that the story is told through the eyes of a child which is really saddening as we see the decisions made begin rooting themselves at home, watching what those decisions have created. Detention is a survival horror game set in 1960s Taiwan under martial law. based on Based on the popular 2D side scroller by Red Candle Games, Detention takes a serious risk when it comes to adapting a video game. Such a past is integral to the story, but it becomes problematic in the final cut. Other times, holding your breath doesn't work and players must find and place a food offering for the Lingered to eat, distracting them from the player.

Ray is a pupil in a Taiwanese high school under tight military control, but upon developing feelings for an instructor, she’s forced to make compromises that could end with the arrest of her and her loved ones. Which leads to, sadly, the biggest problem of the film – the setting.

While Detention doesn’t quite reach the mark as a revolutionary horror movie, it at least deserves some respect for what it tries to accomplish. This helps in places, but the continual switch from a lively past to a dreary present becomes disorienting for the viewer. Clocking in at three hours long, it doesn't overstay its welcome either. Detention has something important to say, but using a game as a medium seems inappropriate in this instance. Unfortunately, the horror aspects – which work perfectly well in the game – become the biggest distraction in this film. Hsu took what he could from the game and worked with it pretty well, but it’s safe to say the game could get away with things that Hsu couldn’t in terms of story-telling.

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