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Doctor Sleep soundtrack from 2019, composed by The Newton Brothers. Score Published by: WARNER-HOLLYWOOD MUSIC, LLC (SESAC) For starters, the end of The Shining’s novel saw The Overlook Hotel burning down in very much the same way it did in Mike Flanagan’s version of the follow-up. The spooky duo who haunted the Overlook Hotel and taunted little Danny on his tricycle back in The Shining, appear once more when the adult Danny returns to the lodge. 7. Mike Flanagan decided to take that redemptive ending from the book and give it to Ewan McGregor’s version of Danny. 25. Radu Pieptea Ben Jacobson Mrs. Massey 4. 11. We’re not sure how Mike Flanagan will justify Dick’s appearance in Doctor Sleep given his fate in The Shining. The Shining 6. Daphne Chen If you’re not caught up with the second chapter of The Shining story, we suggest you leave this room and wait somewhere safe from spoilers before you open the door. Suzanne Waters The four notes from the 13th-century requiem used in funerals. 27. Music by THE NEWTON BROTHERS  Thomas Harte The Shining “Dies Irae (Main Title from The Shining)” After an emotional moment where she cuts through his possessed mind, bringing back the real Danny, he realizes that in order to "close the door" once and for all, The Overlook has to burn. Bloody Elevators Drew Dembowski As a young Danny Torrance, he had to escape the myriads of hauntings of the hotel and his father’s murderous intents. Maybe Dick is an astral projection or a memory that Danny is able to conjure up. Overloading the boiler to the hotel, Danny has one last moment of peace with Wendy, his mother, before he dies in the fire. Baraka May Williams 4. 35. Eric Byers Danny finds himself putting his father to rest for good and surviving the events of the book to go back to his duties as a hospice nurse that comforts dying patients. SOPRANOS Phil Keen Oscar Hidalgo Additional Synth Programming: JAMES BURKHOLDER and S. PEACE NISTADES Danny is able to use the shine to evade dangers (alas poor Dick, it wasn’t enough). While Rose is overtaken by the evil spirits of the hotel that Danny's had trapped for so long, they eventually possess him in a bid to try and make him kill Abra. 21. (P) 2019 This compilation WaterTower Music as licensee for Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. Executive in Charge of WaterTower Music: JASON LINN  According to the Doctor Sleep trailer, the iconic room makes its appearance once more when Danny returns to the Overlook Hotel for his showdown with The True Knot. But Stephen King’s version of Jack from the novel sacrifices himself to destroy the hotel that tempted his darker urges, giving his family the chance to live. 17. The True Knot But when he does so, we’re glad to revisit it with him. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Meredith Crawford Team, Courtenay Valenti, Kevin McCormick, Jon Berg, Paul Broucek, Darren Higman, Kari Miazek, Jason Linn, Sandeep Sriram, Brett “Snacky” Pierce, Johnathan Wales, Trevor Gates, Nancy Kirhoffer, David Townsend, Brian Smith, John Scherer, Melinda Nishioka, Alex Magistro, Justin Omori, Sal Valone, the entire orchestra and all players, Mark Graham, Joann Kane, Randy Gerston, Benjamin Charney, James Burkholder, S. Peace Nistades, Michael Chaves, Randy Cooke, Matt Chamberlain, George Ramirez, The Eastwood Scoring team: Jamie Olvera, Ryan Robinson, Richard Wheeler Jr., Tom Hardisty, Greg Dennen, Julie Jones, Monica Gil Rodriguez, Holley Rose Stewart, Mike Graves, Sebastian Gil, Sandra & Padro, Lisa Sigell, John, Cindy, Geoff, Annie, Jake, Aimee, Cruz, Madeleine, Liam, Santos, Mike, Mary, Bridget, Tim, Maria, Dennis, Debbie, Kellie, Katelyn, Kacie John, Todd, Mehtlan’s, John Riddle, Robert Baek, John & Lola Debney, Stephanie Pereida & Natalie Stowell. Redrum Ana Landauer FRENCH HORNS Charlie Bisharat - CM Cecilia Tsan Maia Jasper BARITONES Jenni Olson 5. Johanna Borenstein Choir & Vocalist Contractor: EDIE LEHMANN BODDICKER He fights for The User. This is also how he’s been trying to suppress is own supernatural power; an ability that he always knew he had but never had the name for. Turning 11. Ah, the Grady Twins. I felt that if Ka was a wheel, then we have to leave Dan very much the same way. Doctor Sleep Doctor Sleep 13. Anthony Parnther 26. This is telepathy and clairvoyance of sorts; allowing those with the gift to be able to communicate using the mind and see the future. 33. Luke Maurer Please Talk Please Having lived through the ordeal of Overlook Hotel, Danny Torrance becomes our bridge between The Shining and Doctor Sleep. Whatever is the case, we’ll only know once Doctor Sleep is released in theatres on the 8th November. Erik Rynearson As amazing as the ending to Doctor Sleep’s movie sounds, the ending for Stephen King’s book was way different. Grampa Flick Geoff Osika Matt Chamberlain 237 3. In writer/director Mike Flanagan’s hotly anticipated Doctor Sleep, the second chapter in author Stephen King’s saga beginning with The Shining, there’s a deep exploration into themes that both the book and movies in that universe have reveled in for decades. Steam Executive in Charge of WaterTower Music: JASON LINN  19. Leah Zeger The latest movie adaptation, Doctor Sleep, is the sequel to the 1980 psychological horror classic, The Shining and stars an adult Danny Torrance (played by Ewan McGregor) who is recovering from the trauma from his time at the Overlook Hotel. Soundtrack Mixed by JONATHAN WALES Mark Robertson Elissa Johnston 2. Motion Picture Artwork © 2019 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. Alma Fernandez Called the “dies irae”, you can hear the notes in the opening titles of The Shining or in other parts of the film where something terrible has happened. Tammy Hatwan The Looker 17. Peter Axelrad, Maria Belli, Rocco Carrozza, Vincenzo De La Rosa, Kerrylyn Genetive, Joe Kara, Kevin Kertes, Katie Lambert, Genevieve Morris, Amanda Stimac, Robert Zick, VIOLINS Randy Cooke Robert Thies In the same way that we were leaning into the sacrificial end of Dick Halloran that Kubrick had created. Though instead of acting like a removal of the support group that Rose depends on (something that Mike Flanagan confirmed to our own Eric Eisenberg in an interview during the film’s press day), it’s more of a final showdown. Rose Traveling 23. As an adult, Danny has been doing whatever he can to escape from the traumas he experienced at the Overlook Hotel, including resorting to alcoholism. BASS So Mike Flanagan’s new ending to Doctor Sleep redeems the legacy of the film, particularly in King’s eyes, and allows a new path to form for the future. 10. Director Mike Flanagan says that connecting the adaptation of King’s Doctor Sleep to Stanley Kubrick’s film adaptation of The Shining was a challenge. Enough! That decision gives the films and the books the ability to be their own things, but at the same time, it creates a harmony between the worlds that we’ve never seen before. Stuart Clark - 1st 28. As the same minor notes are heard throughout in the trailer for Doctor Sleep, it’s safe to say that we’ll be hearing more of this in the film’s soundtrack. Joshua Ranz Written By Wendy Carlos and Rachel Elkind As the same minor notes are heard throughout in the trailer for Doctor Sleep, it’s safe to say that we’ll be … Vanessa Freebairn Smith 9. Rob Brophy - 1st 12. Jonathan Moerschel “Please Talk Please” and “The Overlook” Turning Trevor Handy Dylan Hart - 1st 24. 32. Ventriloquism Johnson Dick Hallorann was at the receiving end of an axe in The Shining and it would appear that the death of the former cook of the Overlook Hotel is greatly exaggerated. Art Direction: SANDEEP SRIRAM  Jenny Takamatsu Elyse Willis contain an interpolation of Horror novelist, Stephen King, rarely writes sequels to his work. FLUTES Tim Davis The tragic events from The Shining where all based within or around the Overlook Hotel, so it’s understandable that Danny Torrance has been actively trying to avoid being anywhere near it in the years since. 237 Orchestrated and Conducted by MARK GRAHAM Danny knows that the area is still rich in psychic activity, and all it takes is for him to release the evil spirits that haunted him throughout his life to finish her off. Mike Flanagan admits this was his intention with this story beat, as in his interview with Eric Eisenberg, he said the following: This truly is passing the baton, in that equation. Redrum 16. Doctor Sleep features a particularly violent and shocking scene involving the death of a child, but it's essential to the film's plot. Anna Schubert Edie Lehmann Boddicker Astral Projection 18. Who's Tony? Lockbox That’s just part of the larger change between the novel and film versions of Stephen King’s Doctor Sleep, as more people are actually alive at the end of the novel. Dave Parmeter Dave Walther Marisa Kuney Mike Kaufman Jessica Guideri 18. Who's Tony? TROMBONES Marisa Sorajja Motion Picture Photography © 2019 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. OBOE Sarah Thornblade Score Mixed by MATT WARD The Hedge Maze Part I All rights reserved. Music and Soundtrack Editor: SNACKY Spoons The movie version of Jack Torrance is more of an irredeemable killer who succumbs to madness, eventually becoming such an asshole that you want him to die. 8. Alex Iles - 1st Also versed in Large Scale Aggressors, time travel, and Guillermo del Toro.

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