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I sure don’t. @Javia I’m sorry Mrs. Preller but strikeouts just don’t matter when you can’t stop giving up home runs like Lamet. Steve Carlton for Rick Wise wasn’t exactly a stroke of genius either. It might have worked out the other way too. ), but I’ve gotta imagine some credit goes to SD minor league coaches too, right? This trade fits his usual MO. That’s what I don’t get. “There was a lot more baseball to be played, and the ultimate goal is to beat you,” he said. And two years ago, he was property of the White Sox. This is being equivalent to Cubs fans saying the trade of Torres for Chapman was worth it as they won the World Series that season. Some of these people just don’t know anything about any year that doesn’t start with 20. Why did a cubs release Grover Cleveland Alexander The point is that they gave up Tatis for fckin Shields hahaha doesn’t matter who you already have at shortstop that’s still a dumba$$ trade by the White Sox. Any 3rd SP would have gotten Tatis probably.

They were in 1st right up to June then fell to 3rd and 4th immediately after the trade.

And as a Phillies fan, the Larry Bowa and Ryne Sandberg to the Cubs for Ivan DeJesus (SS) might have been the worst trade in Phillies history.. You’re acting like he expected them to be game changers.

The smart money is on KW.

Please go away, oh wait then we won’t be able to laugh at your ignorance. It’s just getting sad at this point.

The following year, he made the Opening Day roster for the Padres and collected two hits in his first big-league game. It has everything to do with Shields being one of the worst three (being kind) pitchers in baseball after he came to Chicago.

Ruben Amaro accidentally traded future 30-HR hitter Domingo Santana by putting his name on a PTBNL list on accident.

Tatis, who was once a Sox prospect, was contrite after the game. Tatis said he wants the game to be fun, which is what Anderson has been preaching for a couple of years now. Why did the Cubs trade Torres? Tatis was nothing more than a lottery ticket that paid out. If you’re needing validation from people on the internet to give you attention or self worth I’d see a therapist instead of continuing to argue over a point you’re losing.

post comments, or You probably shouldn’t use words when you don’t know what they mean.

And I don’t need to prove that your son is Satan. For a kid that young to get traded, I had never heard of it. But man 2018 in limited action he was good.

Almost as bad as the Jason Varitek and Derek Lowe for Heathcliff Slocumb trade between Seattle and Boston.

It’s a wide-open gym. That makes it one of the worst CWS trades ever! Until he improves his defense and learns to take walks, he won’t be a complete player.

Everyone’s made some bad ones. For more on the topic of the Tatis Jr. trade, be sure to check out Jeff Todd’s video on our YouTube channel. So I think that’s why everybody’s acting weird about it.”. Further, his strikeout rate – which spiked to a personal-best 9.61 per nine innings last year – has regressed to 7.62 (closer to his 7.84 career average) and the control that he displayed in his earlier days has declined. Erik Johnson was the main piece in that deal. He finished third in the NL Rookie of the Year voting behind Met’s Pete Alonso, who won the award, and Mike Soroka of the Braves. The White Sox had a young blue chip prospect who also can play short or third or probably second and OF as well.

Did you also fight in WW1?

Sorry. He’s played a 1/2 a season made 18 errors hit like a superstar but isn’t one yet of course Padre fan had him in HOF that’s their mo overdoing players accomplishments, Please login to leave a reply.

lol, “Studs don’t have a career .303 OBP. That’s ... the way we were all raised in the game. Tatis will be a star for the next 20 years. His first home run came a few days later on April 1, a two-run shot off Diamondbacks’ starter Merrill Kelly. He has 68SB in 4 years to go w his career mark of .276/.303/.435. “And you also think a guy that had a 5.79 ERA and a 1.54 WHIP is not only suddenly going to morph into a frontline starter, but it is “very possible” that he will. The other trades you mentioned were all meh for meh trades. Playoffs and their first of many World Series wins, Cub mistakes

Fried’s first full season as a starter in 2019 he had an era over 4…. It’s game over when the other player bows out, ya schmuck. And they don’t know how guys like to go out and play — with a lot of energy.

11 months passed between the date of Tatis Jr. signing and the date of his fateful trade to the Padres.  How much height the infielder gained in the interim could develop into a tall tale one day, but in Lin’s article, the player himself said he added two inches.  Padres GM A.J.

sure Simon had a few good years…but cmon, Alfredo freaking Simon?

Only 20% said the Pads won the deal. It’s okay to admit and want to jump on our bandwagon we will accept you with open arms. Could the White Sox have acquired Shields for different prospects?  According to Preller in Lin’s article, “We talked about two of their top prospects.

Either way, there is no chance that this is one of the worst deals ever.


I feel your pain White Sox fans- Ive watched the Mariners make not one painfully bad trade but 6 horrendous trades. Garbage take. Y’all are making a big deal out of half a season.

Those two turn out to be high end relief options (Castillo had a good showing in 2018) Preller could eventually trade them for more assets. Tatis, the 21-year-old Padres shortstop who leads the majors in homers, hit a grand slam against the Rangers’ Juan Nicasio that angered the Rangers and led to manager Chris Woodward citing the “unwritten rules” of baseball “that are constantly being challenged in today’s game.”. Calling Tatis a stud is stretch 1/2 season. Lamet? Column: The Chicago Bears are in 1st place despite almost no help from the offense. And conversely, how did the Mariners trade Tino Martinez *AND* Jeff Nelson to the Yankees.

4.02 ERA

Franmil Reyes is all power no obp ability bat who was better suited for DH. Fowler was already off to a terribly slow start in spring training 2020 and there’s little reason to believe he’s going to turn it around this summer, that is, if there is baseball this summer. I generally believe Preller is incompetent, but that deal saved him. It will take 5 years (or more) to know how much this trade actually hurt the Sox.

Trading him was the obvious thing to do.

Both of whom have amounted to nothing. Solarte for Olivares Bagwell (presuming you mean Jeff Bagwell) was at least super blocked. How about Adam Jones, Chris Tillman and George Sherrill for Erik Bedard trade.

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