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There's always rain when the blue glow comes. While most of these cases have happy endings, some remain unsolved tragedies. But they haven't come for me yet, not since the others started takin' about soming to Stonehenge. Her father didn’t deem it necessary to go with her, but an elderly man decided to join the 14-year-old. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Her phone and some clothes were missing, but her wallet and plane ticket were intact. The Harts appeared to be a happy family. In the early morning of a day in August, 1971, a small group of young adults set up camp in the center of the Stonehenge structure. In it, he wrote that he would be leaving home to go aboard an alien spaceship because he’d been having dreams in which he traveled the galaxy for 42 months. They were fighting about Jamie having to go to her grandmother’s house for Christmas. Suspicion fell on Julia when police found that the car hadn’t run out of gas at all and was in perfect working order. I thought we'd just take a trip down to this place and have a nice camping trip. Smiley Face Killers doc - part 2, based on the bestselling books of Steph Young https://www.amazon.com/s?k=steph+young+smiley&ref=nb_sb_noss Podcast https://... from the Bestselling Book Series https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00LCXO4QU/ Also on iTunes 'TALES OF MYSTERY UNEXPLAINED' The American Dyatlov. Can't say that I'm not a little scared. Maybe if she dreams somethin' else about it. It seems unlikely that her case will ever be solved. On this list are examples of ten missing Americans or Canadians who simply disappeared. Buy MISSING IN THE WOODS: People are disappearing in the Woods. Estelle is a regular writer for Listverse. Might as well, its getting boring just writing, and my hand's crampin' up.". It could've been one of her hangover dreams. "A couple buddies and I took a trip yesterday, and we just talked about the usual; our girls, families, shit like that. Radio said that there was a small chance of rain, but I don't believe it. DNA tests revealed she was not. Why the earth didn’t move under our feet. Read about more unsolved missing persons cases on 10 Controversial Unsolved Spousal Disappearances and 10 Unsolved Spring Break Murders And Disappearances. ", "Talked to Shary 'bout the trip we might take. This past few weeks, I haven't been drinkin', and I've been havin' my future dreams again. Multiple searches and investigations into the area revealed no clues as to what exactly happened to Melanie Melanson. By the time these two boys left, Melanie was no longer with them.[3]. Maybe tonight we'd [expletive removed]. Belish/Shutterstock. A search of the tent revealed nothing, but Madison’s purse was found in the truck. Melanie Melanson, age 14, joined a party in the woods in Woburn, Massachusetts on October 27, 1989. She had called the police at 9:50 AM to report Sky missing, but witnesses said they saw the car as early as 8:00 AM with no children in it. Their glowin' brighter than the lightning. It remains unknown whether Madison’s fate is intertwined with those other women who vanished or were murdered on the highway or whether something else took place that night. A bath was full of water, two coffee cups stood ready to be filled by a still-on coffee pot, and bags full of Rebecca’s stuff were ready and waiting to be transported. Christmas came and went without any word from Rebecca. Sightings of Tammie over the years all remained unconfirmed. Police and Melanie’s family have since given up hope of finding her alive, as they believe the young girl was murdered in the woods that night. Men just don't know the first thing about manners. 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I usually trust Wilma's dreams, and so does everyone else, but latel she's been hittin' the bottle after her old man died last month. Worldwide, eight million children go missing each year. He told me about them before that, that they don't come after ya if your too drunk to see your own hands. "Danniel and I are smokin' it up. He meant Stonehenge. After the discovery of these transcripts, it is assumed by conspirators that Wilma Rupert was a psychic, and that she had frequently been visited and abducted by aliens, like her father. But no, they had to bring that stinky-ass grass shit here. (Some sources say Stacy’s disappearance occurred on July 19.) Makes her loose, i ya know what I mean. However, when she got there, she didn’t get gas. After lunch she askd me to take her over to Julia's place so they could talk about it; my guess is over their Jeannie or whichever show has that girl with the magic nose. Police investigated her stepfather when it was discovered that he hadn’t been near the mall or the airport that day, after claiming to have been. Jamie stayed at her grandmother’s but never gave up looking for her mother. When police started searching for her, they found Katelin’s luggage in a ditch about 80 kilometers (50 mi) away from the airport. Rebecca, however, was nowhere to be found. [5] He also drew a strange map on the back of the letter before leaving the farm. Its after dark, but the sun's still lightin' the sky up something pretty. The boyfriend was never convicted, and Yohanna was never found. On April 19, 1986, in Saratoga Springs, New York, 13-year-old Tammie McCormick missed the school bus. He left a couple hours later and I turned it over in my mind. At 7:15 PM, another message came through, this one simply stating that she wanted to be left alone. On top of this, Julia refused to take a polygraph or speak to police directly. One of the boyfriend’s stories said that Yohanna died accidentally, while another said she was in Washington state. The radio always talks shit about the weather. One day, they were living their lives; the next, they were gone without a trace, leaving their loved ones wondering to this day what exactly happened to them. Madison disappeared not far from Highway 16, also known as the Highway of Tears, which has been the site of a host of other disappearances and murders. At the end of the party, around 11:00 PM, Melanie stayed behind in the woods with two unidentified boys. Around a week ago she said that she had another dream; we were at Stonehenge, camping, and it got so bright that nobody couldn't see nothin', and that we ended up somewhere cold. A freak weather storm that had blown in over Salisbury Plain struck at approximately 2:00 A.M. Jun 20, 2019 - Explore Author Steph Young's board "National Park Disappearances" on Pinterest. I think the lightning is close; it hit a tree, and the rocks too. She let her sister know that she would hitchhike to school and set off. Swamp Dweller 385,950 views. 13:50. Her mother, Liliane, was not at home during this time, having left her daughter in the care of her boyfriend while she was away on a trip. The investigation is ongoing. He didn’t, and Jamie was stuck at her grandmother’s in the meantime. If she don't brighten up soon, I swear I'll push her out myself. If someone finds this, tear this god foresaken place down and [rest is illegible, presumably due to the blinding light.]". In 2011, police made a public statement that they believed Tammie was murdered by Arthur Mason Slaybaugh II, a former corrections officer who died in 2001. Two days later, when Madison still hadn’t returned home, her parents went looking for her at the lake. 10 Tragic Disappearances That Remained Unsolved In 2017 . Always has been, but that's not what she should be scared about. Jamie wanted her mother to go with her, but Rebecca refused. [8] It should be noted that a woman claimed to have seen the boyfriend leaving the building carrying a big metal breadbox the day Yohanna disappeared. It’s easy to get lost in the numbers when looking at missing persons statistics. They were on horseback and accompanied by a group of fellow riders.[10]. On August 13, 1978, 18-month-old Yohanna Cyr disappeared from her apartment in Montreal. 3 Strange & Unsolved Disappearances From Alaskan State Parks - Duration: 13:50. A November 2017 search of the property of one of Slaybaugh’s relatives turned up nothing. 7 Creepiest Things Caught On Security Cameras - Duration: 18:57. The blue glow comes for me every night, but only when I'm not drunk. Maybe not, since Shary and the others are there, but we could do it outside. Letter #1 - August 18, 1971 - Julia Ashton, Letter #2 - August 18, 1971 - Lucas Addams, Letter #3 - August 18, 1971 - Wilma Rupert.

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