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Don’t bother looking up my name because I’m not naive enough to post it.
Due to the interference of a suspicious Elaine Pownall, she learns that she is not the last of her lineage after all, that she has a blood relative by the name Rick Marzdan nearby. Watch the video here...shows several clips of some of … It’s all true. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. She says that she is unable to shift to full mermaid form because she is only one-eighth mermaid.

Mermaids: The Body Found aired in 2012 on Animal Planet and later on Discovery…, In 2004, when marine biologist Dr Brian McCormick (Sean C. Michael) stumbled across a recording of mysterious underwater sounds, he launched a scientific investigation to uncover the creature responsible. Series Information Helen also gets some surprises as she learns that there are many others like her, Rick, and Beth. Dr Paul Robertson, the “lead scientist”… actor Andre Weideman. She is selling her antiques and merfolk-related objects to passersby and is approached by Ryn whom she immediately recognizes as a mermaid, which worries her. .hide-if-no-js{display:none!important}, Copyright (c) 2017 foundfootagecritic.com. She later reveals to Donna that she is one of them. Age NOAA, which is a real federal agency, not involved in this show at all.

They have people working 24/7 on the net debunking stories like this and that’s exactly what they did. She remembers little of her mother Daphne, who had hidden her true mermaid heritage from her until her death. She then goes with Rick to talk to his sister, Beth Marzdan, who happens to already know that she has merfolk blood. Mermaids: The Body Found (2012) – Found Footage Movie Trailer, woocommerce_update_marketplace_suggestions. 3 Helen Hawkins is one of the main characters on Freeform's series, Siren.

I feel like somebody at Animal Planet wrote this. As a girl, she had felt like a freak at times, not understanding about her "autoimmune condition" as a sign of her mermaid blood. This two-hour special combines beautiful CGI animation, real natural history, a thrilling contemporary conspiracy theory and a race against time to unveil an ancient secret before it’s too late.Written by Film Fan, “beautiful CGI animation, real natural history, a thrilling contemporary conspiracy theory”. See full bio » Please reload CAPTCHA. First Appearance A few days later, she is started by the sudden arrival of several merpeople who have sought her out; Levi and another merman, along with Katrina and her three fellow mermaids. They look photoshopped to me…. And those mermaid spears supposedly found in fish in the mid Baltic and Bornholm Basin (both areas of the Baltic Sea)? Helen attends Sean McClure’s funeral after she learns of his death. The US Navy does not have a mermaid. She is the only mermaid known able to live on land and elude detection for many years.

Rebbeca Davis the “field biologist”, actually actress Helen Johns. Let me start off by saying this mockumentary is completely fake. As each of its body parts is autopsied, they provide new pieces of the puzzle.

Species Dr Paul Robertson, the “lead scientis” for Mermaids: The Body Found. As the picture builds, McCormick is drawn to an astonishing conclusion: this new marine creature is related to humans. Deceitful little popup shown during the mockumentary mermaids: The Body Found, Another somewhat deceitful little popup shown during the mockumentary mermaids: The Body Found. She is eventually revealed to be the last living descendant of the human-mermaid hybrid daughter of Charles Pownall and his former mermaid lover. 60s Mermaids: The Body Found (2012) is a horror found footage film.

What looks like a tuna with a mermaids spear through it. Helen's resourcefulness comes in handy when she is needed by her friends throughout the series. The Town Nut-job Helen willingly assists Ryn by providing her a place to stay while she looked for her mermaid sister. The film consists of a series of interviews, archival footage, photographs, found footage, and reenactments. After the sisters reunite, Helen is relieved to learn that Ryn has returned to the sea with Donna. Helen's Antiques. Dr Rodney Webster, actor Jason Cope. six
Helen reveals later in the first season that she is an old friend of the McClure’s. Helen Hawkins In search of conclusive proof, he and his research team are called out to an unusual whale stranding in South Africa.

After Elaine Pownall ran a DNA test on her behind her back, she later discovers that she has a distant relative by the name of Rick Marzdan.

There are no mermaids, no mermaid spears turning up in the Baltic Sea, Animal Planet was lying, the facts in Mermaids: The Body Found are not facts, it is just one big pile of crap.

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