i'm so high i'm so fly i need a parachute

""Arrest the mechanics, the pilots and riggers,Suspend all their privileges and tear up their tickets. All the, for you Verse: 2 Yes, I fell by the way, life's wounded prey, then old satan like a vulture swept low, in my darkest hour, he came to devour what was left of my dying soul, as low as life gets God was not finished yet, he's seen more good than I ever saw in me, now I live above doubt so high in the clouds, Parachute, falling, I'm falling, with no parachute

This is the tale of a daring young ladWho kept hearing reports of a brand new fad.Skydiving was the handle they gave this new game -A sure way to glory, perhaps even fame.He rushed to the bookstore and there on the shelf,A magazine glared, "Skydiving, How to do it yourself"He paid for the book and away he went,To the nearest airport, his footsteps hell-bent.He arrived at the field and told one and allI am here to make a one minute free fall.He put on a chute and climbed into a 182And he and the pilot went into the blue.He opened the book and proceeded to read,Of proper spotting, its importance, its need.The book also told how to stand on the plane's landing gearSee how easy!!

69 By Rigger MortisSung to the tune of "Ghost Riders in the Sky" 38, JUMP SIXTEEN He was just a rookie trooper and he surely shook with fright.He checked off his equipment to make sure his chute was tight.He had to sit and listen to those awful engines roar.You ain't gonna jump no more!Gory, gory, what a helluva way to dieGory, gory, what a helluva way to dieGory, gory, what a helluva way to dieand he ain't gonna jump no more. by Duncan Mc Ewan (C) 1994To the tune of "Feelin' Groovy." we are golden(urineun choegoya) we are golden(urineun choegoya) AH~ by Hank McCarrickTo the tune "Auld Lang Syne" Golden Eye No time for sweetness ... him I wouldn't let him out (Chorus)Lyle Cameron is the editor of a jump publication.To the skydivers of the world he tries to give an education.He sells many copies, that is easily seen,of his "Yellow journal Jump magazine". Yeahhh! Lost in a golden light ...................................................................................................................... If we've only got one parachute My golden girl let our love be, our parachute (parachute). commissioner said "absurd".made his get-a-way in a thunderbird. Golden chain take him to the spot We are ... the golden flames 60, By Tracy Gasperini And so we hit the ground )scares the DZO(am I low? his mindHe thought about the girl back home, the one he'd left behindHe thought about the medics and wondered what they'd find,and he ain't gonna jump no more!Chorus:The ambulance was on the spot, the jeeps were running wildThe medics, they rolled up their sleeves, and then they laughed 7BIG WIDE WONDERFUL BOWL I ... ni subete motto yudane te

openings scare the students away. By Dick Olmstead Golden Eye I'll show him forever There's nothing to fear.He kicked off the wheel and on his back he spun.The book said 'twas wrong even though it was fun.The book said, arch hard and over you'll flyTo look at the ground and not at the skySo he tried it with gusto and lo and beholdIn a second it happened -- over he rolledHe thought with wild glee, aint't this a scene?I'm doing tricks like a flying machine.The book then said "Let's try a turn to the rightBring your right arm in, but not too tightNow counter a little, you're showing great style.A glance at your panel shows you've fallen a mile. [No tune name was provided - ED] To the tune "Bad to the Bone" by George Thorogood) And if I'm worthy to go in And they fall, Flames 21, Divers Of The Sky (Speak) Don't worry, be happy now! Golden streets of glory, I walk on, the wind I feel his breath We are golden, we are golden Well, m 10 times parta a dime Baby, peeking down over land, © 2020 Lyrics.camp | Contact us | Submit lyrics | Terms of User Agreement | All pictures are our licensed pics or from Mediawiki.org. Take Me Out to the Drop ZoneI'll be damned if I jump.Bring me some bandages and iodine.A case of beer and a bottle of wine.For it's "play it cool" at the drop zone.Were we'll be safe and sound.And watch all those heros jump out of the plane,and cream in...to...the ground. whop, whop, the wind I feel his breath

26FRANCINE MCFILTHY T'was the night before Christmas, and out at the zone,all the jumpers had gathered, even Curly was home.The Manta's were packed in the Racer's with care,in the hope that some students might show on a dare.The jumpers were nestled all snug in their beds,while visions of Sabers danced all through their heads.They had all settled down for a mid-winters snooze,their eyelids were heavy from two kegs of booze.When outside the hangar there arose such a clatter,we sprang from our beds to see what was the matter.As we ran from the clubhouse we were all told to drop,we were met by a G-man and eight local cops.This G-man was clever, so lively and quick,he yelled, "boy's, it's Christmas, just call me Saint Nick".When we were all captured, he stepped forward to say,"I'm just here to help boy's, I'm from the F.A.A. by Duncan Mc Ewan (C) 1990To the tune of the same name. 'Till heard the snap and the crack,of his openin' parachute. 41, NO WORD OF FAREWELL My golden girl (to the tune of Stuck in the Middle With You)originally written by Joe Egan and Gerry Raffertyoriginally performed by Stealers Wheel circa 1974reworked by Trevor G. Fitzpatrick, 1995 (Chorus:)Oh, I wanna jump in the hus-i-ler.This chute is beautiful.I'm tired of crashing and burning,in a T-U, in a T-U.The U.S. team, they have no fear.All of them smoke, and all of drink beer.Stay out each night 'till quarter past three...They plan to win on strategy. 13CANOPY WRAP-SODY "His eyes how they twinkled as he read from his list,I sensed in my heart, we were in some deep shit.As chapter and verse he recited our crimes,I remembered the statue, how justice was blind.He began signing the paperwork, his face looked like death,I let out a belch in spite of myself. ]AnonymousTo the tune of "Beautiful Dreamer". which we live "Anonymous"Sung to the tune "Beautiful Dreamer" I remember the golden ... so alive by Frank CarpenterTo the tune of "Mac Namara's Band" 16

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