lost continent of lemuria

Well, they got their ideas from scientists and writers about 75 years before. They chose to remain here for millennia to assist the Company of Heaven in holding the balance of Light for Gaia and humanity until such time as we were ready to hold the Light again for ourselves. Various descriptions of Lemurians have been suggested by theosophists and philosophers. The sixth race, Blavatsky reveals, will evolve from us and return to the lost land of Lemuria. Of course, modern science has long since debunked the idea of Lemuria altogether. Library of CongressA hypothetical map (believed to originate with Ernst Haeckel) depicting Lemuria as the cradle of humankind, with arrows indicating the theorized spread of various human subgroups outward from the lost continent. But, long ago, there was something there, something that is now gone forever. Mauritia disappeared 84 million years ago, but lemurs didn’t evolve on Madagascar until about 54 million years ago when they swam to the island from mainland Africa (which was closer to Madagascar than it is now). ©2019 dgamerstudio llc. Back in the mid-1800s, a few scientists working from scant evidence decided there must have been a lost continent in the Indian Ocean and they called it Lemuria. This work may be considered as a guidebook for our planetary ascension process. William DeLong is a freelance wordsmith. Deep in the heart of mountain in our Inner Earth lies the most radiant city of crystal and light. The place of Mu in literature has been discussed in detail in Lost Continents(1954) … He thanks you for reading his content. English zoologist Phillip Sclater hypothesized that “A land bridge once existed during the Eocene Age from Malay Archipelago to the south coast of Asia and Madagascar, thus connecting India to southern Africa.” On this lost continent, some even thought, there once lived a race of now-extinct humans called Lemurians who had four arms and enormous, hermaphroditic bodies but nevertheless are the ancestors of modern-day humans (and perhaps also lemurs). Then, read up on Atlantis and some of the other greatest mysteries in human history. She is the Lost Continent of the Pacific, what others may refer to as Mu. Cultural and spiritual traditions spanning the globe still hold pieces of the puzzle yet somehow our story remains hidden. Cultural and spiritual traditions spanning the globe still hold pieces of the puzzle yet somehow our story remains hidden. Lemurians are said to have once existed on a lost continent in the Pacific Ocean.

The Lemurians have always been here, living alongside us, in the higher realms of the 5th dimension. While the continent of Lemuria sank over 12,000 years ago, the legends and lore of the Time of Mu, Lemuria and Atlantis remain ever present in our collective awareness. This was before modern science discovered ancient human remains in Africa that suggested that continent was actually the cradle of humankind. After Blavatsky’s death in 1891, a leading theosophist name W. Scott-Elliot wrote a lengthy paper titled ‘The Story of Atlantis and Lost Lemuria’. Using a classification he referred to as lemurs, but which included related primate groups, and puzzled by the presence of their fossils in both Madagascar and India, but not in Africa or the Middle East, Sclater proposed that Madagascar and India had once been part of a larger continent (he was correct in this; though in reality this was the supercontinent Gondwana). It is a term introduced by Augustus Le Plongeon, who used the "Land of Mu" as an alternative name for Atlantis. We are living the early stages of our planetary ascension process. The high spiritual values that had given rise to greatly abundant and beautiful societies previously enjoyed by all had succumbed, for the moment, to the expressions of ambition, power and greed. While the continent of Lemuria sank over 12,000 years ago, the legends and lore of the Time of Mu, Lemuria and Atlantis remain ever present in our collective awareness. A hypothetical rendering of Lemuria from 1893. Soon, other noted scientists and authors took the Lemuria theory and ran with it. The Lost Continent Of Lemuria Lemuria is the lost land, the first continent of the Pacific. One of the more credible claims about the Lemurians comes from Colonel James Churchward who allegedly was shown some secret ancient stone tablets by a Hindu priest. She adds the Lemurians lived in caves and holes and had no spoken language, communicating only through telepathy. Based on plate tectonics and geological data, Mauritia disappeared into the Indian Ocean around 84 million years ago, when this region of Earth was still turning into the shape it holds today.

Why did they stay when they could have simply abandoned the dark days of Earth and continued on with their enlightened and peaceful existence on one of their many home worlds in the stars? Who were these people and what happened to the continent? Lemuria: The Fabled Lost Continent That Turned Out To Be Real — Almost.

Nevertheless, Sclater and some of the other scientists of the mid-1800s were partially right about Lemuria despite their limited knowledge. Sclater’s story about Lemuria was true — almost. Without such knowledge, many continued to embrace the notion of Lemuria, especially after Russian occultist, medium, and author Elena Blavatskaja published The Secret Doctrine in 1888. They have patiently awaited the day when they would be able to step forward with others to assist us in this grand project. They are believed to have lived simply and were very spiritual. “Paradise”) may have been the very cradle of humankind itself. Philip Lutley Sclater (left) and Ernst Haeckel. As he wrote in 1870: “The probable primeval home or ‘Paradise’ is here assumed to be Lemuria, a tropical continent at present lying below the level of the Indian Ocean, the former existence of which in the tertiary period seems very probable from numerous facts in animal and vegetable geography.”.

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