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The two reconcile and set off out of prison to fight Hal. He and Roxanne become boyfriend and girlfriend. In a moment of weakness, he displayed cowardice and considered hiding from the Mega-Megamind robot as he had previously been defeated by it while being exactly like Metro Man, seeing himself as an inferior hero. Roxanne revealed that Metro Man is Megamind in disguise in front of the city's citizens, who started to see Megamind in a new light. After successfully killing Metro Man and taking control of Metro City, Megamind was at first overjoyed by having full control.

Megamind manages to survive by dehydrating himself just as he lands in a fountain, rehydrating himself just in time to fire the anti-serum into Hal, reverting him to normal.

But Hal got out of the with his super strength, to Megamind's confusion, and nearly squash him with it.

Megamind ordered Minion to fire the death ray, but Minion informed him that the ray was still warming up and cannot fire yet.

At this embarrassing moment, Metro Man, apparently weak, said that Megamind has paid off his gift and that the copper dome drains his powers. Minion wanted to defuse the powers from Hal, believing it was a mistake, but Megamind said that it's destiny. After deeming Hal ready to face off against him, Megamind trademarked Hal's superhero name as Titan, though Hal mistook it as Tighten. The next day, Megamind planned on creating a new hero to face off. He was voiced by Will Ferrell who also voiced Ted Shackleford and played Buddy Hobbs. However, Megamind disguises himself as Metro Man and chases Hal out of Metro City. Minion, Brainbots Just as Megamind finished his gun, Roxanne called though Bernard's phone and revealed that she find the hideout and the secret entrance. Minion disguises himself as Megamind and rescues Roxanne, but is subdued when Hal impales him with the pinnacle of Metro Tower.
Weapons Megamind went of a villainous spree with his new found freedom from Metroman but eventually realized that without anything to challenge him everything he did was hollow and pointless. After being reformed, Megamind sells all of his evil stuff except for the Death Ray and Mega-Megamind, a giant robot with his backup original evil side whom he fights as the robot mistakes him for Metro Man. A disguised Metro Man congratulates Megamind for what he has done. The battle continues on when Roxanne found the invisible car with the gun inside and tells Megamind to "look back." Directed by (1) Writing credits (2) Cast (19) Produced by (8) Music by (2) Film Editing by (1) Casting By (1) Production Design by (1) Art Direction by (1) Production Management (20) Art Department (26) Sound Department (23) Visual Effects by (310) Once the death ray hit, Metro Man faked his death and threw a skeleton to Megamind's lair. Megamind and Minion went to Hal's apartment to get ready for his training. How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World, Heroes who aren't revealed to be good at first, As he watch TV, he was challenged by Tighten to fight him and discovered that he had Roxanne tied up on Metro Tower. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Following his redemption, he appears to have grown fond of lighter pop rock like Michael Jackson. Roxanne apologized for being late and tells him of her discovery of Megamind's plan to create a new hero while wondering why he picked Hal, the worse person for the job. Megamind develops a talent, while he's still a baby, of building destructive gizmos. Other names Panicking, Megamind hides Minion and the gun, disguise himself as Bernard, and tries to lead Roxanne out. In the past though he believed his destiny was predetermined to always become a villain, he gained his own initiative in these regards and even in the ending narration he states destiny was a path he chose for himself. When Minion realize that Megamind's in love with Roxanne, he tried to stop him from going. Super-IntelligenceMechanical-AptitudeShapeshifting This, as Megamind puts it, is the day Megamind met Metro Man and their "glorious rivalry" was born. His former evil plans were constantly botched by Metro Man, later save Metro City from Tighten. He was drawn to a life of villainy as it was the only thing throughout his childhood and adulthood that he was good at, being raised by criminals in a prison and the accidental bad deeds he performed while an adolescent helped with this matter. He went to the Metro Man Museum disguised as a guy named Bernard, tricking Roxanne later on. Metro Man confessed to them that he faked his death when the "charade" gets old and discovers that he has a choice to be whoever he wants to be. Alignment Relatives However, he resembles Sinestro. This, as Megamind puts it, is the day Megamind met Metro Man and their "glorious rivalry" was born. Megamind and Minion run out of prison to prepare for their battle. Personality Megamind grabbed the gun, but it needs to charge. Aside from his showboating ways, Megamind was far from a humble person and was usually quite vain, boastful and confident. As Megamind and Minion gets his new suit called "the Black Mamba" ready, he realized that he's late for his date with Roxanne.

The battle continues on when Roxanne found the invisible car with the gun inside and tells Megamind to "look back." Instead, Megamind's pod crash landed in prison grounds.

They shockly discovered that Metro Man is still alive and is now a musician. D&D Beyond

Being sent to jail (formerly), Misplacing his invisible car, Tighten's evil plans But when Metro Man fakes his death, Megamind creates a new hero to battle in his place named Tighten. He asks Hal if he had anyone special in mind, Hal said that he had a "really good-looking one" he'd got his eye on. As the years passed, they battled each other more and more with Metro Man always winning and Megamind always gets thrown in jail and escapes to fight Metro Man again. Opening the cell door, the warden accepted his apology and reveal himself to be Minion in disguise while the real warden is tied up on a chair.

Megamind changed subject and asks Roxanne if she will still like him if he's not-so-normal to which Roxanne answered that one doesn't judge the book by its cover, but by its actions. Meanwhile, Megamind, as Bernard, and Roxanne spend some time together from going to the library to hanging out in a park. Roxanne accidentally switched his watch and change Megamind back to his true form. Megamind went to a schoolhouse along with Metro Man, where he was always the blacksheet of the bunch, as he mentioned. Roxanne reluctantly drove Megamind to Metro Man's secret lair, which turned out to be Megamind and Metro Man's former school. Becomes the New Defender of Metro City after defeating Tighten Evil Overlord of Metro City (formerly), Hero of Metro City (currently) Occupation Ruthless, arrogant, sly, egocentric, hateful, tricky, intelligent (all formerly), heroic, caring, selfless, loving, protective, intelligent, quick-thinker, funny, honorable, responsible, curious (sometimes) Over the course of the next several days, Megamind, while disguising himself as Hal's "Space-Dad", trained him to become Metro City's new hero, while alternating between spending time with Roxanne disguised as Bernard. Hal Stewart, or also better known by his supervillain nameTighten, is the main antagonist of DreamWorks' 21st full-length animated feature film Megamind. In this case Megamind is more of a vandal than an evil mastermind. Megamind Disguised as Hal's "space dad" and "space stepmom," they trained the excited Hal to become a hero like Metro Man. Minion wanted to defuse the powers from Hal, believing it was a mistake, but Megamind said that it's destiny.
Meanwhile, Megamind, as Bernard, and Roxanne spend some time together from going to the library to hanging out in a park.

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