modern game hen

Black-Breasted Red: The beak is dark brown and the eyes are red. Brown Red: The comb, wattles, and earlobes are mulberry and the beak, eyes, shanks, and toes are all black. White: The beak is yellow and the eyes are red. standard wheaten plumage. Blue-Breasted Red: The beak is horn and the eyes are red. At about this time, the show bird circuit was exploding in The Modern Game breed is active and noisy and generally do not tolerate close confinement.

Their numbers did not suffer like their large counterparts during the First World War as they were far cheaper to keep, consuming less feed. [7]:131, Game, as they were then called, were included in nine colours in the Standard of Excellence in Exhibition Poultry, the first edition of the British Poultry Standard, in 1865; a Game bantam was also included. They lay a fair amount of eggs for a bird with a game ancestry. Special Qualities: They are a tall bird with very distinct characteristics. Combs and wattles are required to be dubbed (cut off) of all cocks, and any cockerels being shown after November 1st, in order to compete in showing in some countries, which reflects their descent from fighting birds. Chicken Breed Information - Modern Game - Modern Games are kept purely for ornamental (show) purposes, and bantams much more so than standards. Blue: The comb, wattles, and earlobes are mulberry and the beak, eyes, shanks, and toes are black to leaden All are bright red, unless otherwise noted. For this reason the Modern Game is considered a suitable pet for the suburban poultry keeper.[6]. Modern Game could be considered as good pets for the back yard poultry keepers, since this breed is friendly and curious towards people and can easily be tamed.

Bantam Male: 22 oz. As in many breeds, there are both standard and bantam sizes of Modern Game. Self Blue: The beak is black and the eyes are dark brown. standard black-breasted red plumage. The breed is slow to mature and not very winter hardy. Barred: The beak is horn and the eyes are red. of cockfighting derivation) in breed standards, Modern Game were not bred to fight.

They have standard birchen plumage. Size: Standard Male: 6 Ibs. self blue plumage. Trio of Duckwing Modern Game Bantams owned by Mark McCullough. There are now 1… The shanks and toes are black and they have standard legs and tail are blue. They are almost exclusively kept by competitive breeders. Birchen: The comb, wattles, and earlobes are mulberry and the beak, eyes, shanks, and toes are all black. Red Pyle: The beak is yellow and the eyes are red. Photo Rupert Stephenson. This chicken breed should have flat iron like body shape when seen form above, and have fine tail and hard feathering. The front of the neck and breast are light salmon shading [2] The bantam version is the most popular among poultry fanciers. [6] Purely an exhibition bird, Modern Game were developed to be most aesthetically pleasing and to epitomize the visual appeal of the gamecock or fighting cock.

However, Modern Game was bred for shows rather than for fighting as … They are to the chicken world what Italian Greyhounds are of the dog world. The colour of the skin, comb, and wattles varies from red to mulberry depending on variety, but all have a small single comb. The remainder is barred gray and white. commonly needs insulated or heated housing in places that are subject to extreme winter temperatures. Barbara Rischkowsky, D. Pilling (eds.) bird. Old English Game birdsand Malays were both primarily used in the breeding of Modern Game birds. They evolved from breeding Malay and Old English Game. a distinct bar across the wing. Moderns originated in Great Britain when breeders of Pit Games decided to change their focus to exhibition poultry. to ashy gray as it bends with body feathers. The shanks and toes are yellow to light willow and they have The shanks and toes are yellow and they have standard red

The hens are good mothers and will go broody. The shanks and toes are yellow and they have standard barred plumage. They have standard lemon blue plumage. The colours can be broadly divided into two groups; those with willow-coloured legs and red eyes, and those with black legs and dark eyes. Male: The back is a lustrous silvery white and the saddle and upper breast are The bird has a long thin neck and a very upright posture. Learn how and when to remove this template message, List of breeds documented in the Global Databank for Animal Genetic Resources, APA Recognized Breeds and Varieties: As of January 1, 2012, Liste des races et variétés homologuée dans les pays EE (28.04.2013),, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles needing additional references from June 2012, All articles needing additional references, Use list-defined references from August 2014, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 13 August 2019, at 02:05. The breeders were in search of

The comb, wattle, and earlobes are dubbed in cocks when they are used for show. (2007). The shanks and toes are black and they have standard black plumage. [7]:131 Despite being classified as game chickens (i.e. Modern Game chicken has a long thin neck and a very upright posture.

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