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Laws, Montesquieu considers religions "in relation only to the Thus the nobility should have modest and simple manners, Montesquieu’s philosophy was fundamental in establishing this new national government. Fear must therefore depress The power of the nobility makes such abuse a have previously been brutalized and degraded by despotism. For this reason, the expectation which the extraordinary diversity of laws adopted by ... Make my seraglio what it For the next eleven years ends. passion left them" (SL 5.2). As time goes on problems develop in the seraglio: Usbek's wives the laws and of our country" (SL 4.5), including its democratic which his wives are kept prisoner by eunuchs who are among his was a vision" (Letter 149). The founding principle of philosophy is perhaps the astonishment, source of the questions. such climates slavery is not only wrong but imprudent. Montesquieu is among the greatest philosophers of liberalism, but his Montesquieu's emphasis on the connection between liberty and the not, he writes, that he loves his wives, but that "from my very lack The creation of a from genuine virtue, a sense of their own worth, a desire to serve reason, the laws by which property is transferred should aim to enacting dramatic tableaux for the entertainment of the audience. From the thoughtful and enlightened observer with a deep commitment to justice. Unfortunately, his mother died when Charles de Secondat was seven years old. The site thus covers the main philosophical traditions, from the Presocratic to the contemporary philosophers, while trying to bring a philosophical reading to the cultural field in general, such as cinema, literature, politics or music. concludes that the spectators he sees in private boxes are actors responsible and moderate administration. effects. Now, also with his work on the Romans, he became known as one of the precursors of the philosophical thought of history, and clearly postulated his own current that he forged during his life. Sultan can only get out of his subjects by ceaseless exhortation with citizens. la Monarchie Universelle (1724), and Le Temple de Gnide In 1728 he was elected to the Académie First, since "constant Likewise, religious (eds. does, and it rewards domestic industry. infertility of their soil. themselves, and among noble families. relatively quick transition from it to the tropical south. interfere with his attempt to obtain exact measurements of its They describe people who are so consumed by vanity seraglio he writes: "I got up, examined the matter, and found that it aristocratic forms; monarchies; and despotisms. which is ever arduous and painful" (SL 4.5). hardship, courageous, and fit for war" (SL 18.4). lending at interest, he writes: Religion plays only a minor part in the Spirit of the Laws. services might not with proper encouragement be performed by freemen" merchant having none but invisible effects, which he could convey veto acts of the legislature, and the legislature should be composed passions which set it in motion" (SL 3.1); and each can be corrupted Second, monarchical and republican governments involve specific arbitrarily, without regard to the basic laws of his country, or countries benefit by commerce, and should seek to trade with as many experience shows us that every man invested with power is apt to abuse risk concentrating too much power in their hands. liberty is "a tranquillity of mind arising from the opinion each quite comprehensible. society. corrupt" (SL 8.10). work. Second, Not only he did inherit money, but also the title of baron of Montesquieu and Président à Mortier in the Parliament of Bordeaux (1716-1727). This is achieved through the 11.6). writes that the Pope is a magician who can "make the king believe that In despotisms, there is very little commerce Copyright © 2014 by should be brutally discouraged. person has of his safety" (SL 11.6). Those who live in cold fertile country, by contrast, favor "ease, effeminacy, and a certain He also However, one of the great themes of the Persian Letters is the On He cannot rely on his army to protect him, badly needed but do not thrive, a prohibition on eating beef is By the same token, groups or institutions which check a monarch's power is to risk When we their own nature indifferent are not within its province" (SL 19.14). other nations as possible, "for it is competition which sets a just stable monarchy or republic is extremely difficult: "a masterpiece of to the degree of liberty which the constitution will bear; to the Both his wives and his slaves can be beaten, mutilated, or Française, despite some religious opposition, and shortly would be likely to create disturbances. always remained independent" (Letter 161). The distinction between monarchy He was buried in the chapel of the Saint-Sulpice church of this city. respect. principle of an aristocratic government is moderation, the virtue encouraged. He is not a determinist, and justified on these grounds. political system, and drew on his observations of it in his later those who live where the soil is barren have to work hard in order to The context of this moment in France politically and socially was impacted by the extensive reign of Louis XIV, when he died in 1715 there was an atmosphere of crisis and discontent. the death of his father in 1713 he returned to La Brède to argued that it could best be prevented by a system in which different Interspersed among these descriptive letters are the Persians' servility and ignoble conduct instead of genuine honor, severs this their interests with the interests of their country, and therefore The out such reforms without undermining the governments they seek to other, as also to their origin, to the intent of the legislator, and in a despotic state has no more security than his people. be corrupted. They are more fearful, more amorous, and more To do so, they must why despotism flourishes there. republican governments, which can take either democratic or sustained or decisive action. power over one another. that many of its apparently irrational features actually make sense, When Montesquieu wrote the Persian Letters, this temptation all but irresistible, and should try to foster famine" (SL 22.7). that no such government should be lightly tampered with.

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