needed in a sentence

Needed definition, necessary, required, or wanted (usually used in combination): a much-needed vacation. There was one place where Rhyn could find them. This was obviously something Brandon needed to set straight with her. Bianca needed more magic to do it, and I can channel anything. She set it on top of the control panel and assessed the results, then activated the generator's artificial intelligence so it would adjust as needed to power the town. Carmen and the children were his family now – all the family he needed. He no longer needed to feel as if he still dwelt in the shadow of Darian's death. "You couldn't call for help even if you needed it," he said, frowning. She only needed to regain the micro and vault. Until two days ago, when he crossed into the underworld with Katie slung across his shoulder. Dean managed to whistle down a young boy who agreed to use his snow blower on Dean's unfinished sidewalk, for an amount Dean considered ridiculous, but he knew he needed to get up to snuff on Shipton's fall before he was totally on the defensive. The only thing she needed was an opportunity. She needed to get out more if she found their disgruntled exchange entertaining. She needed the time to herself and hoped the connection to nature helped clear her head. How to use needed in a sentence. she asked as she removed a roast from the refrigerator. "This was all I needed to know," her father said. "I knew I could trust him to tell me when he needed to," Damian replied. She needed to get her car as soon as possible. If he was coming down with a cold, he needed rest - and Destiny didn't need to be exposed to it. needed example sentences. 2. As much as she hated herself for feeling it, she needed his touch to calm her. It was only a couple of blocks to Duckett's Market, but he needed the Jeep to haul the groceries. Dean was feeling more comfortable that Cynthia just needed time to get her priorities in line. She fell into his trance last night; she needed to keep her head clear to deal with him this time. All Rights Reserved. He pretended he needed time to make a few more phone calls but I could see he was disappointed by the delay. She possessed promising coordination and ability to learn at least the basics of the warrior's trade, skills no other nishani had ever needed. Things a man battling for his planet neither had time for nor needed. But if it wasn't his father, they needed to know who he really was. That's what I was saying to you-- those German gentlemen won't win the battle tomorrow but will only make all the mess they can, because they have nothing in their German heads but theories not worth an empty eggshell and haven't in their hearts the one thing needed tomorrow--that which Timokhin has. He couldn't put her in more danger, if there was something wrong with Ully. I had a gut feeling that we needed to leave. All he needed was to figure out how to win a game of strategy he didn.t know how to play, before his time was up and he lost the only thing that mattered. Prince Andrew said that for that work an education in jurisprudence was needed which he did not possess. It crossed her mind to go in and find him, but he didn't need assistance and probably needed the time to himself as well. He searched Deidre's apartment from top to bottom several times, seeking the item he needed to fulfill his part of a deal. Maybe they found cocaine on her and she needed twenty-five thousand to get out of jail. Absentee Ballot vs. Mail-In Ballot: Is There A Difference? Yet home was a very long way away, which meant she needed to go home on a spaceship. What she needed was a little of that stuff she had been pitching at Josh... trust. Did you accomplish everything you needed to today? His gentle tug was all the encouragement she needed. Sentence Examples The reason we need to breathe is to provide the oxygen neededto carry out cellular respiration in our cells. A shadow caught her attention. She needed to run away, far away, until this nightmare was over. She needed him too much to wait and closed the distance between them, wrapping her arms around him. He needed Jenn to help him plan how to track the hundreds of creatures on the earth with the power to do what they want, unopposed, except for him. A new supply, however, would be needed in order to carry us back to the earth. He needed assurance before he tried to jump the fence. In order that sufficient instruction be furnished the Indians, five more religious are needed. The last thing she needed now was to be manhandled. I needed to take Howie back to the shopping mall to follow Grasso! Certain creatures with unlimited power and motivations thousands of years in the making weren't what Damian really needed right now. “Epidemic” vs. “Pandemic” vs. “Endemic”: What Do These Terms Mean? Maybe they needed a break from each other. an anxiety disorder in which patients are driven to repeat the same act, such as washing their hands, over and over again, usually for many hours. Example sentences with the word needed. "If she didn't come after you when you needed her, why would you want her at all?" Picking up the paper, she glanced at it to see if it was something that he needed to keep. She wanted – needed – to taste him again. Katie needed no further encouragement. All he needed was a nice brick wall to halt the nagging speculation Byrne might have skipped—like a body or something equally definitive. Maybe this was the push she needed to take that final step, the one that'd take her out of this world completely. She needed to tell someone or she was going to burst. Everything caught up with me and I needed time. Shaking his head, he walked once around the room, trying to determine where she'd hide something he needed. Natalie needed little encouragement - or maybe it was because Carmen was a little more relaxed and experienced. I've always been there when they needed me. His thoughts went to Gabriel, the best friend he hoped he hadn't lost completely. Shaking his head, Gabriel left, headed to the place he knew he needed to be. You needed access to everything the government had. He didn't, instead taking only what he needed to survive. Cynthia Byrne needed a little time on her own before he barged back into her world. Perhaps, as Dwight Garner wrote, Steinberg just needed an idea for a book. I want only the opportunity to speak to Dusty, if needed. Words weren't needed for something like that. A'Ran approached her then, knowing his journey in the morning would delay the conversation they needed to have. He just needed to find the right combination of factors that would allow him to withdraw the soul from her head without killing her. She sat for a moment, finally admitting she needed to embrace whatever it was about her that made her special. The long ride back provided Dean with much needed think-time. He needed his brothers and still left them. He needed the reminder of the good in the world, because he saw none of it from the shadows where he spent his life. I brought this, in case you needed a negotiation tool to use to protect yourself from him. If it was Tessa or Dulce, she needed to fight fire with fire. Rather than feel pleasure at her words, they struck him like the cold shower he needed. Most were in working order and just needed to be reactivated, a simple process she used her micro to do when no one was looking. He needed a razor and a trench coat to begin feeling normal again. See more. She needed to put more effort into taking advantage of life while she could. She needed to get enrolled, but she had done nothing. He figured Rhyn and Andre needed a private moment and snorted as he heard Rhyn start off. I went there to talk to her, but I realized you were the one I needed to talk to, not her. Unable to sleep without knowing the truth, Toby huddled beneath the jungle leaves and stretched his senses until he found Katie. Sofi left him alone in the study, and he sat down at Damian's computer to send the info the real estate agent needed to rent him the cabin. Her thoughts clearing, she realized she needed to call the police about the body she found. All I know is... all of the sudden you were walking away from me - right when I needed you the most. The goats always produced way more than the babies needed. In which case, she needed to get her things and leave. I thought you needed to sleep longer because you were working so hard getting ready. The sensations humbled him, and he thought again of Mansr's words, that he needed to be more than an exiled war planner. It was a real turn-on, not that we needed it. I knew we couldn't get away for long but Patsy needed to leave and wanted me to go with her. He doubted it to be true - -a queen intent on mating with her equal would say what she needed to in order to convince a slave not to wed her. After that the chickens needed to be fed and she needed to get that chevon roast in the oven so it would be ready for lunch. Whatever was bothering him, he needed to say something or stop sulking. Maybe he needed to prove that she could trust him. When she needed to cry, the deceased count would be the pretext. The timing, the sophistication, the expertise needed to launch such an attack. Right now she needed him as a husband, not a father figure. He'd never been affectionate, but he had never failed to support her father when he needed his most trusted advisor. You hurt me to protect yourself, Deidre pushed forward with what she needed to say. I needed some things anyway and I don't mind driving in the dark. And tonight was perfect—it was just what I needed. After the earthquake, many houses neededto be reconstructed. The first thing she needed to do was the dishes. Instead of discussing this with Mums, she needed to sit down and discuss it with Alex. She needed someone who could sneak her out of Romas's reach and to a spaceship. If Damian needed something, he'd contact him. She pulled her arm free and ran behind Gabriel as he kept to the invisible path. If what Wynn said was true, Gabriel needed as much time as he could find to figure out how to save her. Was ‘The Book of Mormon’ a Great American Novel?

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