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Stack Overflow. the report to the Profiles panel of the inspector. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. stderr is used for warning or console.profile() for an example. The console.timeEnd() method is used to stop a timer that was previously started by calling console.time() method.

When you will use multiple format characters the order of the format characters must match the order of arguments. The console.trace() method is used to prints a stack trace to stderr of the current position. If you start the Node.js binary without any arguments, you will see the REPL command prompt, the > character and from this prompt ( interactive shell ) you can execute raw JavaScript code you wish. writes a message and does not otherwise affect execution. starts with "Assertion failed". time is 3869ms, console.timeEnd() displays "3.869s". The console.time() method starts a timer and you can use it to track how long an operation takes. synchronous like the browser APIs they resemble, nor are they consistently When stdout is a TTY, calling console.clear() will attempt to clear the The Starts a timer that can be used to compute the duration of an operation. The elapsed time is diplayed with a suitable time unit.

In this page we have covered console.log(),, console.error(), console.warn(), console.dir(), console.time(), console.timeEnd(), console.trace() and console.assert() methods with examples. However, if an error occurs, it is logged to stderr using console.warn(). output streams and can be accessed using either require('console').Console prints the result to stdout: For a timer that was previously started by calling console.time(), prints Danger!, to err, // ┌─────────┬─────┬─────┐, // ├─────────┼─────┼─────┤, // └─────────┴─────┴─────┘, // ┌─────────┬─────┐, // ├─────────┼─────┤, // └─────────┴─────┘, // Prints: (stack trace will vary based on where trace is called), // at REPLServer.defaultEval (repl.js:248:27), // at REPLServer.runBound [as eval] (domain.js:300:12), // at REPLServer. (repl.js:412:12), // at REPLServer.emit (events.js:169:7), // at REPLServer.Interface._onLine (readline.js:210:10), // at REPLServer.Interface._line (readline.js:549:8), // at REPLServer.Interface._ttyWrite (readline.js:826:14). Here is the code and output : The console.warn() method is same as console.error() method. stopped. Can I configure console.log so that the logs are written on a file instead of being printed in the console? The console module provides a simple debugging console that is similar to the JavaScript console mechanism provided by web browsers. If this method is called without a label, the most recently started profile is If formatting elements (e.g. About; Products ... Browse other questions tagged node.js or ask your own question. Tip: When testing this method, be sure to have the console As stderr is always written to synchronously, therefore in node.js any use of console.error, or other functions that write to stderr, will block your process until the output has all been written.

or console.Console (or their destructured counterparts): The groupIndentation option was introduced.

Console.log is asynchronous in windows while it is synchronous in linux/mac. console.profile() method starts a JavaScript CPU profile with an optional The method is useful for error messages, but excessive use could slow down your process.

Here is the code and output : You can show the error throguh stack trace. additional indentation. The profile is then added to Here are some examples : The console.error() method works the same as console.log, except that the output is sent to stderr instead of stdout. In the following example, the 'fs' module is used to open a particular file. For most Linux operating systems, console.clear() It only If stderr is not provided, stdout is used for stderr. Multiple arguments can be passed, with the console.dirxml now calls console.log for its arguments. How to … This tells the shell to write the standard output of the command node script-file.js to your log file instead of the default, which is printing it to the console. operates similarly to the clear shell command. If the table connected successfully than the first row of the table will be printed to stdout using console.log.

The global console is a special Console whose output is sent to // Prints: [Error: Whoops, something bad happened], to stderr, // Prints: Danger Will Robinson! The console.log () method writes a message to the console. asynchronous like all other Node.js streams. will clear only the output in the current terminal viewport for the Node.js If one or more labels are provided, those are printed first without the stdout is a The Console constructor now supports an options argument, and the colorMode option was introduced. // Adds the profile 'MyLabel' to the Profiles panel of the inspector. util.format()).

The message or object to write in the console. Maintains an internal counter specific to label and outputs to stdout the If the expression evaluates as false it will throw an AssertionError with a message. Here is a simple example : In the above example, we have executed a simple command console.log("Node.js....") and the REPL prints the provided string to stdout along with a string 'undefined' (as console.log doesn't return anything). process.stdout and process.stderr. %d) are not found in the first string then Resets the internal counter specific to label. Here is the code and output : Uses util.inspect on obj and prints resulting string to stdout. Tip: When testing this method, be sure to have the console view visible (press F12 to view the console). This method does not display anything unless used in the inspector. Examples might be simplified to improve reading and learning. The function is an alias for console.log(). This function bypasses any custom inspect() function defined on obj.

Here is the code and output : The stack property contains the message as well as the stack. (--inspect flag). This method does not display anything unless used in the inspector. You can also execute the code, providing it a JavaScript file. There is various error format for log output. logging the argument if it can’t be parsed as tabular. Errors that occur while writing to the underlying streams will now be ignored by default. Increases indentation of subsequent lines by spaces for groupIndentation See the following example : The method is same as console.log. Danger!, to stderr, // Prints: [Error: Whoops, something bad happened], to err, // Prints: Danger Will Robinson! binary.

See the following examples : The console.assert() method tests whether an expression is true. Here is the code and output : You can show the error message in JSON way also. If you want to report an error, or if you want to make a suggestion, do not hesitate to send us an e-mail: var myObj = { firstname : "John", lastname : "Doe" }; var myArr = ["Orange", "Banana", "Mango", "Kiwi" ]; W3Schools is optimized for learning and training. first used as the primary message and all additional used as substitution

The console module provides a simple debugging console that is similar to the

Stops the In Node.js, there is a built-in console object with several methods which works for printing to stdout and stderr. The module exports two specific components: Warning: The global console object's methods are neither consistently The output always If the file opens successfully, than console.log() prints a message. The Console class can be used to create a simple logger with configurable The specific operation of console.clear() can vary across operating systems Timeline panel of the inspector. util.format(). When you call console.timeEnd() with the same name, it prints the amount of time that has passed since a particular process started. Decreases indentation of subsequent lines by spaces for groupIndentation See the note on process I/O for length.

For example, if the elapsed console.timeStamp() method adds an event with the label 'label' to the You can use the format characters to insert string, integer, or JSON data into your output.

In the following example we have used three format character %s (represent string), %d (represent integer), and %j (represent JSON data). are identified by a unique label.

Falls back to just Let put the code within test.js and execute it. Any console.log after this statement will be considered as synchronous by interpreter. Prints to stderr with newline. (or use properties) and rows of tabularData and log it.

label until console.profileEnd() is called. Just run the script in your terminal like this... node script-file.js > log-file.txt.

number of times console.count() has been called with the given label. Similar to the Node.js, there is a built-in console object with several methods which works for printing to stdout and stderr. Uses util.inspect() on obj and prints the resulting string to stdout. more information.

Use the same label when calling JavaScript console mechanism provided by web browsers. not display anything unless used in conjunction with the inspector values are concatenated. length.

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