pns ghazi

The strength of … Thumbing through the pages, Lieutenant Sridhar More identified it as Pakistan’s Naval trump card – the PNS Ghazi. USS Diablo (SS/AGSS-479), a Tench-class submarine, was the only ship of the United States Navy to be named for the diablo, a member of the batfish family, common in the West Indies and along the southern coast of the United States. Close to the harbour channel, the spot has been marked on navigational maps to help ships avoid the wreck. The officer in command of the submarine service branch of the Pakistan Navy and the junior officers and commander of Ghazi had objected to the plan as it was proposed by the army and naval officers during the briefing session. Singh felt certain he had sunk a Pakistani submarine and relayed this to Vice Admiral Krishnan at Vizag. As he hoped, the bait was snapped up. The three submarines called at Valparaíso, Chile, in September while homeward bound. The crewmen of INS Rajput were unsure what had happened; some sailors briefly thought their destroyer had been torpedoed due to the force of the explosion. p. 179. India later built a "Victory Memorial" on the coast near where the Ghazi was sunk. Soon after, the divers could make out the initials on the black shape. With Karan Johar sharing the first poster of his movie, The Ghazi Attack (India’s first war-at-sea film that is based on the mysterious sinking of PNS Ghazi) yesterday, the debate on what caused the blast on board the Pakistani vessel has been renewed. After the war, the submarine was sent to Turkey for a $1.5 million refit in 1967-68. “GHAZI which had sailed towards Visakhapatnam with special instructions, had to reach its destination on 26 Nov 71. Her keel was laid down by the Portsmouth Navy Yard. She participated in Operation Springboard in the Caribbean from 21 February to 28 March 1955, and continued to alternate service with the Submarine School with antisubmarine warfare and fleet exercises in the Caribbean and off Bermuda, as well as rendering services to the Fleet Sonar School and Operational Development Force at Key West. So, what exactly caused the blast on PNS Ghazi? After sunrise, local fishermen saw an oil slick and some floating debris in the area. Then at daybreak on 3 December, it headed out to deeper water to search for the INS Vikrant battle group. All these activities were apparently successful in deceiving the enemy. After the Indo-Pakistani war of 1965, Indian Navy went to a rapid program of modernization and expansion due the success of Operation Dwarka carried out by Pakistan Navy. This increased with the growth of Indian and Indian-inspired naval activities in and around East Pakistan. As a result, the fast moving patrol ship, also called a SDB (Seaward Defense Boat), had been dispatched to investigate the same. Over the years, the mystery surrounding the sinking of PNS Ghazi has endured. From 15 January 1946 to 27 April 1949 Diablo was based in the Panama Canal Zone participating in fleet exercises and rendering services to surface units in the Caribbean Sea. Diablo arrived at Pearl Harbor from New London, Connecticut, on 21 July 1945. [20], Admiral S. M. Nanda, who commanded the Indian Navy during the 1971 Indo-Pak War, states : "In narrow channels, ships, during an emergency or war, always throw depth charges around them to deter submarines. At the same time concerted action was taken to disseminate information designed to mislead the enemy about the true location of the aircraft carrier, and to foster confidence that the carrier was stationed at Visakhapatnam. Diablo arrived at Naval Station Norfolk, Norfolk, Virginia, her new home port, 5 June 1949, and participated in Operation Convex in 1951, and alternated training cruises with duty at the Sonar School at Key West. Lookouts on INS Rajput saw what was possibly an oil slick in the area. 4 x Fairbanks-Morse Model 38D8 10-cylinder diesel engiens with electrical generators developing 5,400 horsepower; 2 x 126-cell Sargo battery packs; 2 x Elliott direct-drive electric motors developing 2,740 horsepower; 2 x Shafts.. 10 x 21" (533mm) torpedo tubes (six bow-facing, four aft-facing). On December 9, Indian Navy strangely issued a statement about the fate of Ghazi. What the Pakistani Navy didn’t know was that this was a smart wartime ruse planned by Vice-Admiral Krishnan, the Commanding Flag Officer of the Eastern Naval Command. The sinking of PNS Ghazi during the the Indo-Pak war of 1971 has long been an unsolved mystery. In a signal, later recovered from the sunken Ghazi, commodore submarines in Karachi had sent a signal to the Ghazi that “intelligence indicates carrier in port. He knew that Pakistan had four submarines and only the largest one in the fleet was longer than 300 feet. A British-educated career officer, Cdr. Ghazi was expected to report back to Karachi Naval dockyard on November 26 of 1971. The Indian NHQ issued the statement few hours before the loss of INS Khukri, and prior to launch of Operation Python. On 27 May 1960 she entered Philadelphia Naval Shipyard for an overhaul which continued through October 1960. [23], After the war India undertook an investigation into the incident. Leased out to Pakistan, it had been renamed ‘Ghazi’ or ‘holy warrior’. Ghazi sank with all 92 hands on board due to unknown circumstances[17] off the Vishakapatnam coast, allowing the Indian Navy to effect a naval blockade of then East Pakistan (now Bangladesh). She was launched on 1 December 1944 sponsored by Mrs. V. D. Chapline, and commissioned on 31 March 1945 with Lieutenant Commander G. G. Matherson in command.

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