ravenous sentence

very hungry. chickpea pasta for lunch - we were all ravenous so devoured it in record time, even SB. The most popular animal alter-egos in the gay furvert scene are well-hung centaurs, His health improved somewhat, but, in 1731, he was afflicted with a, And all the time he struggles in amusing fashion as a dog-walker for a, The most rapid and most seductive transition in all human nature is that which attends the palliation of a, And he cried so loud, he had wakened up so, I knew that, as a rule, mountain lions do not follow you unless they are, He dreamed, gloatingly, on both the black thoughts that roamed like, His forgetive brain was recruited by the nourishment drawn from a, In connection with rachitis and scrofula a. With England 's finest to add his ravenous appetite for goals, surely the long wait would soon by over. Ravenous, she chose two and started to close the cabinet door, when she saw a small box tucked between the edge of the cabinet and the boxes. , While the restaurateur understands that some diners have ravenous appetites, he refuses to lower his standards by making his business an all-you-can-eat establishment. Sentence Examples With a galactic reputation for being butchers, and ravenous executioners, the Rangers weren't known for leaving anyone alive after an operation. ravenous hunger, consuming the Hyperion with the enthusiasm of flames for vampires. They do not represent the opinions of YourDictionary.com. I have to deal on a day-to-day basis with this ravenous beast [the Tory press ]. She realized that she had eaten nothing since leaving home, and she was ravenous. All Rights Reserved. He stared at Sorren with a ravenous gaze. Examples of Ravenous in a sentence. Hell, he might as well of been raised by vultures and ravenous wolves or even raised by Satan himself. By lunchtime we had masses of paper to hand and were all ravenous. very hungry.Examples of ravenous in a sentence. 4. As a ravenous carnivore, Adam was sure that he would be able to finish the 4-pound steak in an hour. Week by week the slivers taken grown, Each tiny gnaw becomes a ravenous bite. There are no more uses of "ravenous" in … 6. 1 : rapacious ravenous wolves. wolfll, he might as well of been raised by vultures and ravenous wolves or even raised by Satan himself. 8. The sound in the hoarse, ravenous voice was awful. The ravenous dragon flew low over the forest looking for movement that would reveal the presence of some. As a ravenous carnivore, Adam was sure that he would be able to finish the 4-pound steak in an hour. Being often very hungry when he sat down to his meals, he contracted a habit of eating with ravenous greediness. With a galactic reputation for being butchers, and, Our suddenly dishy protagonist discovers that a, You know that they will come with empty bellies but you have absolutely no clue what to feed these, But Johnson's latest performance in the red and green of Leicester showed that he still has a, The meagre supplies she had brought had not lasted long with her, However, often underestimated is the equally, Am I, as an entertainment journalist, feeding the public's, The wonderful aromas coming from the kitchen made me all the more aware of my, Sarah and I sat in one corner of the lobby, not exactly having, They were always scavenging for the latest hint of gossip as if they were, One candidate knows that if Giblets's rivals are elected president he could transform into a pack of.

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