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Natasha and Brittany arrived back at the modeling agency late, and they were disqualified. After long deliberation, the girls were called in and Jaslene was revealed to be the eighth winner of America's Next Top Model. This call-out order does not reflect their performances that week. pictured: Samantha Photo: Carlos Rios/The CW ©2007 The CW Network, LLC. Samantha is signed with Fusion Model Management in New York, Apple Model Management in Bangkok and Style International Management in Hong Kong. All the girls were praised, but the judges noted differing weaknesses in them – Natasha gave a natural smile only when she was laughing, Jaslene's picture looked like a yearbook photo, and Renee's photographs looked old. At a party hosted by Marc Ecko, the contestants each had their pictures taken, and the final thirteen were chosen based on these photos. Name which became a meme. Top RPDR videos Recommended for you Things got heated when Natasha was ganged up by the rest of the girls when Tyra asked them who they felt had the most and least amount of potential. ANTM Moments Shoot : Matthew Jordan Smith, CoverGirl Shoot and Commercial : Jim De Yonker. And I don’t get all the Sarah hate. “First Photoshoot strong, second Photoshoot strong, third one was ok,..” with Kari it was verbatim, except she was eliminated a week before Felicia. Brittany struggled to remember her lines because of her short-term memory. First-Call Outs She was very reserved in her personality. What a good surprise it was when she was eliminated... but then cycle 10 happen. Those are great test shots of Samantha. Natasha's striking look got the thumbs up, but her ability to learn was both lauded and questioned. I feel both Samantha and Felicia went home too early. While most of them liked their new looks, a lot of pain came with Brittany's new hair weave, and the long weave originally planned for Jael was taken out after eight hours in the salon. Unreliable citations may be challenged or deleted. Muwahahaha. She chose Dionne to share in her prize of a custom-made t-shirt. Later, Jael received a devastating phone call, discovering that one of her close friends had died of a drug overdose. She was snatched up by Elite right after her elimination so I guess she doesnt need pre-antm, Tyra! Hey Scarlett, (it's hrproper from IMDB)Wow! Samantha Potter The cycle 11 runner-up is signed to LA Model Management and appeared in an episode of The Big Bang Theory with fellow contestant … ( Log Out /  “The Girls Who Go To Prom” — The girls pose in a challenging photo shoot portraying high school clichés on AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL on the CW. In episode two, she failed to embody a girl with a bad reputation at the high school cliche shoot. In the first half of episode 1, the pool of 33 girls was reduced to 13. AJ has new pictures by Yann Feron and they are for... New Amanda and Michelle Pictures Plus Eugena. The contestants did a nude shoot where they were decorated as various types of candy. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. The contestants did a photoshoot where they had to portray different controversial political issues. ©2007 The CW Network LLC. Reality Jael Strauss — a fan-favorite reality TV personality who competed on cycle 8 of America’s Next Top Model — died Tuesday morning, according to TMZ, at the age of 34 following a … 0 Felicia was signed with Elite Model Management in Chicago. At the photoshoot, each girl has to express herself through aboriginal dance. Tyra was surprised that Natasha was able to cover her thick Russian accent with a commendable Australian accent, and Renee was able to pull off "Steve Irwin" in her take. In the end, the judges felt that Natasha's "body of work was stronger than Dionne's", dismissing the other girls' criticism against her as jealousy, and Dionne was sent packing. Despite having a strong commercial and previous strong performances, Renee was eliminated in her first-ever bottom two appearance as she continued to look old in her photographs. Back at the house, Brittany complained that her new weave made her itch, irritating Whitney. She is now signed with Beatrice International Models in Milan. After the photoshoot, the girls moved to their new mansion. She was later featured as a "Top Model in Action" for cycle 13. 4 comments: That night, Renee, Dionne, and Jaslene hit the town, while Natasha stayed home, sick. Sarah won the posing challenge as impressed with the Jays. I’m rewatching cycle 8 right now and Felicia’s elimination is still a big question mark for me. The next day, Tyra visited the girls for a chat, where Renee was criticized by all the girls, but Tyra managed to mediate the problem and allowed Renee to air her grievances. :-). Midnight in the Library - The Most Savage Reads in RuPaul's Drag Race - Duration: 18:48. America's Next Top Model Cycle 8 - Elimination 2 Samantha Tribute. She really is Tyra's biggest mistake. This week, the girls learned all about fashion appeal. Samantha Francis-Frankswas a contestant on cycle 8 of ANTM in 2007. I feel both Samantha and Felicia went home too early. At panel, Jael, Natasha, Dionne, Brittany and Renee all received praise, while Jaslene was criticized for making all four of her personalities look the same. Renee and Dionne expressed their shock that Brittany used her short term memory as a way to escape elimination. Change ), Photos of America's Next Top Model Contestants. In the end, the judges decided that passion, was more important than the portfolio, so they gave Whitney a second chance and Diana was eliminated. At the final judging, the panel saw both finalists as winners and was divided over their preference of the girls' walks. The judges felt that Sarah had yet to step out of her comfort zone, while Whitney once again did not produce a stellar photo, landing both of them in the bottom two. Episode 1 photo shoot was split in two halves: First half: Mark Ecko's Pool Party (casting), Episode 2 photo shoot: Highschool clichés, Episode 4 photo shoot: Crime Scene Victims, Episode 6 photo shoot: Four Personalities Beautyshots, Episode 7 photo shoot: Unforgettable ANTM moments with Past Contestants, Episode 8 commercial: CoverGirl Queen Mascara Commercial with Australian Accent, Episode 10 photo shoots: Swimsuits for Women's and Men's Magazines. The cycle's promotional tagline was "Welcome To The Jungle, Ladies" and the promotional theme songs were both Danity Kane's "One Shot" and Shiny Toy Guns' "Le Disko.". At panel, Dionne, Natasha and Brittany impressed the judges with their outstanding photographs, while Jael landed in the bottom two for being too mechanical at the shoot and then failing to express herself eloquently at panel and Whitney fell in the bottom two for still failing to deliver a good photo despite her high intelligence. She would've been a better fit for C9, C11, C15, or C16. Samantha and Whitney agreed to decide to take a photoshoot together. Place Upon landing, the girls were met by Erika Heynatz and immediately tasked to interview the locals on American fashion faux pas, using as much Australian slang in Downtown Sydney as possible.

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