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Production Credits. The story-line's progress and character development were too slow for me. Please enable Strictly Necessary Cookies first so that we can save your preferences! divethereal Jul 09 2018 9:24 am so ahjusshi who play Lee Chang Joon is the same person who play Pa Oh character in Hwarang (hyungsik's bodyguard?!! CKW Jun 30 2017 1:15 am Ron Jan 25 2017 1:28 am :-(, ninik Aug 24 2017 10:41 pm For those who like simple plot or one dimension script, stay away from this drama. says its weird. Ahhhh, cornflakes Jan 29 2020 6:43 am Bae Doona! If you think that this drama would be boring, believe me IT WOULDN'T. But I miss them. I think the killer is prosecutor yoon. Bae Doona. Hopefully, a drama that would make him smile more often. Oh I almost forgot.. No words can describe true value of this master piece. Especially amazing where the performances of Yoo Jae-Myung, Lee Kyu-Hyung, and Bae Doo-Na. She sure got an amazing brain, hope to see more from her, she deserve a 10/10. Amk Jul 17 2017 11:24 am Just finished watching Strangers.. Only 2 days for 16ep,its so exciting, thrilling and suspense.. Between solid national and international viewership’s, positive audience feedback and the self-contained format of seasons, it should only be a matter of time before Stranger is renewed for a third season. I find that dramas having more of movie actors-seasoned actors are truly awesome when it comes to their acting. MAGGIE Apr 12 2020 3:49 am Though on some sites it's called stranger. the synopsis looks quite similar with beautiful mind. That blue tools called "fingertips". What a brilliant drama !! @Davia I saw cho seung woo for the first time here and he just effortlessly steals the spotlight .Possibly the most nuanced performance I have seen in a Kdrama.Bae Doo Na was good in a sassy role as well.Am not singling out others for praise for not providin spoilers but the support cast was fabulous. phikr1 Sep 06 2018 2:29 am Never forget it. Definitely the best! Acting is on point good, so natural, emotions are all on point, crying when you actually cry. 10/10 you guys should watch this!! mij Nov 02 2017 3:02 am Wow, this drama is amazing, if I could I would give it 100/10 rating. the characters are realistic, not pure evil pure angel, but human. We'll see. Hoping for 2nd season jeballll, chaaaaa Aug 02 2017 9:25 pm The story is gripping and the actors are just spot on with their characters. Both of them are really tough. Ky Aug 04 2017 4:48 am He is a lonely prosecutor. Ryss iqram Jun 26 2017 10:14 pm I love it soo much! Kim Ji-Hoon as section chief Pleaseeeeee ?? Also, Doona Bae and Cho Seung- Woo do a brilliant job of bringing their individual characters to life, as well their relationship with each other. Loved this show because it showed that the Prosecution office and law enforcement have to work together to get the job done. Rogef Aug 25 2018 1:44 pm I literally fell in love with Cho Seung Woo's acting. HEALER Jul 29 2017 3:47 pm stranger Jun 25 2017 10:45 am Love this drama. Such non-average polot and amazing acting. The male lead so charismatic and looks smart. The actors and writer, how did they manage to bring them to small screen? The villains make me sad instead of hate them. Leena Jul 06 2019 3:36 pm Lee Tae-Hyung as Kim Ho-Sub I hope all the casts here will get some other great projects in the future because they are awesome, chaaaa Aug 02 2017 9:23 pm At first, it looks like he's emotionless since he portrays someone who can't feel anything but study his acting as Shi Mok and you'll see what I mean with microexpressions. Haley Nov 07 2017 3:32 pm I don't think Hwang Shi-Mok would have been good at being a Chief Prosecutor. 15 October 2020 The only thing I regret after watching this show is that it's ruined all other K-dramas for me. I don't see prosecutor yoon's name ? Felt more real than the others. The most exciting suspense Korean drama ever. Everything goes so smoothly as if we are watching them in real life. Every episode leaves you wanting more. every element is superb..writer, director, actor indeed amazing, Tha Power Of Greyskull Sep 03 2017 3:13 pm Beautiful mind : prosecutor vers. This drama is seriously amazing. Enough said. Highly commendable! Si mok didnt even mourn or punch someone. Jul 22 2017 10:00 pm Lee Jae-Yong as Kim Nam-Jin W4GRB.average_rating[1]=90; If I wanted blatant faces and dull storytelling, I'd be watching American or European detectives. He is such a great actor. This too may have caused it to seem confusing, or even boring, to some, because there's a lot of talking compared to action. The first season of Stranger in 2017 was watched by an impressive 4.652% of total nationwide viewers, but season 2 has only gone and bettered that, receiving an outstanding 7.265% of the audience share. Hohoho Jun 10 2017 9:01 am Handsome and talented. Recently, the Korean dramas broadcasted have not been on par but this show is definitely not one to be missed! Thanks to the writer! His acting was just DAEBAK!. It never got boring as something was always happening and wasn't a slow start either. Plot twists in each episode to make your head spin. I hope all the casts here will get some other great projects in the future because they are awesome. Good script and power cast. As a child, Park Hoon (Lee Jong-suk) and his father were kidnapped by North Korea. View production, box office, & company info, Reclaiming Stories: Małgorzata Szumowska Discusses “The Other Lamb”, The Band of Heathens Perfect Their Brand of Comfort Rock on New Album ‘Stranger’, New American Pie Movie Is Now Streaming On Netflix. The murdered happened in the first episode and the culprit got revealed in the fifteenth episode. I've been waiting for the next episode for quite awhile now, am stucked at epi 10. Lee Chang Jun is actually batman!!!!! Shwea Sep 04 2018 12:10 pm great cast. Title: Stranger 2 / Secret Forest 2 / Bimirui sup 2 / 비밀의 숲 2. To the writer, thank you so much. zahi Nov 15 2017 1:03 am It's perfect n intelligent. "Stranger" is superior. Will miss all about this drama very much... It's Crime, Drama, and Thriller. MMM Jul 30 2017 8:15 am And he did it so remarkably well. I thought that she would get seriously hurt or he would attempt to kill her and not succeed. I never knew Netflix could have that many hidden gems. I've watched 14 episodes and all of them (yes, all of them) were surprisingly great. Any romance in this drama? I was amazed by how he kept his character with NO EMOTIONS interesting until the end. No matter where you're from. Best prosecution drama I watched in a long time. There's no surprises, no twists, no depth. Hope there will be a seasoni 2. Runtime: From August 15 # of Episodes: 16. I hope you enjoying watching them :D. dalisay dy Jul 02 2017 9:18 pm Yoon Se-Ah as Lee Yeon-Jae But this one had the most unexpected twists from all the crime dramas I've seen. Hsae Dec 26 2017 9:48 pm I agree, the story is similar to the Beautiful Mind. But I dont seem to get hooked. Knowledge Jul 23 2017 5:55 pm good drama... great work. Yani Apr 10 2017 11:27 pm so, i've been looking for dramas to watch and stranger really peaked my interest so i watch some teasers and then suddenly there is this beat on teaser 7 and i was like "whaaat this got watcher vibes" and then i searched the directer and baam HAHA it's the watcher's director so i guess i'll be watching this!!! It is so hard to find anything worth seeing to the end in 2020. The empty feeling you have right after you've finished watching a really great drama T___T. Lee Joon-Hyuk as Seo Dong-Jae avi kim Aug 21 2017 12:36 pm Main actor was just right for this role. Excellent writing, stellar acting, flawless plot and realistic story. OMG. He was outstanding with his skilful expressions of a deeply sadden and completely heartbroken father's love for his child. Come on, for me this drama is not finish yet. 2013 SBS Drama Awards: Special Acting Actor (Short Series)- Jung Eun Woo (Stranger) Official Site. Doesn't matter because I love beautiful mind, leaderkim Jun 15 2017 3:41 am This drama is really interesting, not a dull moment. I don't usually leave comments but I think this drama deserves it. Best crime drama of TvN after signal (2016).

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