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Tonga made their first appearance at a Rugby League World Cup in the 1995 edition where they went out in the first stage but narrowly lost to New Zealand. The previous week, the government said the king had sold state assets that had contributed so much of the royal family's wealth. More cattle are being raised, and beef imports are declining. Pigs and poultry are the major types of livestock. In the 2007 Rugby World Cup, Tonga won its first two matches, against the USA 25–15, and Samoa 19–15. Later came other Dutch explorers, including Jacob Le Maire (who called on the northern island of Niuatoputapu); and in 1643 Abel Tasman (who visited Tongatapu and Haʻapai). Tongan, a Polynesian language, is closely related to Wallisian (Uvean), Niuean, Hawaiian, and Samoan. Life exp., total.

Tonga has no strategic or mineral resources and relies on agriculture, ... Population 107,000 .

The contingent returned home on 17 December 2004. [70] The Constitution of Tonga (Revised 1998) provides for freedom of religion.[71]. Despite emigration, Tonga grew in population from about 32,000 in the 1930s to more than 90,000 by 1976. While exposed to colonial pressures, Tonga has always governed itself, which makes it unique in the Pacific.

Subsequently, some Tongan rugby league players have established successful careers in the Super League such as Antonio Kaufusi.[82].

Aside from rugby, Tonga has also produced athletes who have competed at both the Summer and Winter Olympics. Owing to its British ties Tonga joined the Commonwealth in 1970 (atypically as a country with its own monarch rather than that of the United Kingdom, similar to Malaysia, Lesotho, and Eswatini (Swaziland)), and became a member of the United Nations in September 1999. In 2001 there were approximately 3,000 or 4,000 Chinese in Tonga, comprising 3 or 4% of the total Tongan population. Before the arrival of European explorers in the late 17th and early 18th centuries, Tongans had frequent contacts with their nearest oceanic neighbours, Fiji and Niue. Tonga's economy is characterised by a large non-monetary sector and a heavy dependence on remittances from the half of the country's population who live abroad (chiefly in Australia, New Zealand and the United States).
Temperatures of 15 °C (59 °F) or lower are usually measured in the dry season and are more frequent in southern Tonga than in the north of the island. Tonga is sub-divided into five administrative divisions: ʻEua, Haʻapai, Niuas, Tongatapu, and Vavaʻu.[45][46]. Update to date information about population of Tonga in 2020.

The tourism industry is improving, but remains modest at under 90,000 tourists per year. As of February 2004[update], those papers denied licenses under the new act included the Taimi ʻo Tonga (Tongan Times), the Keleʻa, and the Matangi Tonga—while those permitted licenses were uniformly church-based or pro-government. State schools make up for the rest. Rugby union is governed by the Tonga Rugby Football Union, which was a member of the Pacific Islands Rugby Alliance and contributed to the Pacific Islanders rugby union team, before they were disbanded in 2009. Horses are kept for draft purposes, primarily by farmers working their ʻapi ʻuta (a plot of bushland). Commercial business activities also are inconspicuous and, to a large extent, are dominated by the same large trading companies found throughout the South Pacific. [36] He was succeeded by his brother Tupou VI, who was crowned on 4 July 2015. In 1875, with the help of missionary Shirley Waldemar Baker, he declared Tonga a constitutional monarchy; formally adopted the western royal style; emancipated the "serfs"; enshrined a code of law, land tenure, and freedom of the press; and limited the power of the chiefs.

One athlete attended the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea. Rugby league has gained some success. Together with IRENA, Tonga has charted out a renewable energy based strategy to power the main and outer islands alike. The bird life of Tonga include a total of 73 species, of which two are endemic; the Tongan Whistler and the Tongan megapode. [33] The disturbances were ended by action from Tongan Security Forces and troops from New Zealand-led Joint Task Force. King Tupou VI (a descendant of the first monarch), his family, powerful nobles and a growing non-royal elite caste live in much wealth, with the rest of the country living in relative poverty. As of 2001[update], two-thirds of agricultural land was in root crops.[58]. Migration (including immigration and emigration) decreases population by 976 people yearly. The elected Minister of Labour, Dr Feleti Sevele, replaced him in the interim. The temperature and rainfall range from 23 °C (73.4 °F) and 1,700 millimetres (66.9 inches) on Tongatapu in the south to 27 °C (80.6 °F) and 2,970 millimetres (116.9 inches) on the more northerly islands closer to the Equator. In 1845, the ambitious young warrior, strategist, and orator Tāufaʻāhau united Tonga into a kingdom. The national team has since also recorded victories again Great Britain and the world number one Australia. [31] Notably, the Keleʻa, produced specifically to critique the government and printed in Tonga by pro-democracy leader ʻAkilisi Pōhiva, was not banned during that time. Until recently, the governance issue was generally ignored by the leaders of other countries, but major aid donors and neighbours New Zealand and Australia are now expressing concerns about some Tongan government actions.

[10] In 2010, Tonga took a decisive step away from its traditional absolute monarchy and towards becoming a fully functioning constitutional monarchy, after legislative reforms paved the way for its first partial representative elections. Tonga from The World Bank: Data.

The people discarded some old beliefs and habits and adopted others. In total, the changes threatened to destabilise the polity, fragment support for the status quo, and place further pressure on the monarchy. Its 169 islands, 36 of them inhabited,[1] are divided into three main groups – Vava'u, Ha'apai, and Tongatapu – and cover an 800-kilometre (500-mile)-long north–south line. Rate of natural increase is approximately 1.71 percent per year.

[47] The average daily humidity is 80%. Most higher education is pursued overseas. The 2007 and 2011 Rugby World Cups were Tonga's most successful to date, both winning two out of four matches and in a running chance for the quarter finals. Following the precedents of Queen Sālote and the counsel of numerous international advisors,[who?] [73] World Health Organization data published in 2014 indicates that Tonga stands 4th overall in terms of countries listed by mean body mass index data. In March 2017, at the 34th regular session of the UN Human Rights Council, Vanuatu made a joint statement on behalf of Tonga and some other Pacific nations raising human rights violations in the Western New Guinea, which has been occupied by Indonesia since 1963,[39] and requested that the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights produce a report. However, a previous heavy defeat by the All Blacks at the tournament's opener (41–10) and a subsequent tight defeat by Canada (25–20) meant that Tonga lost out to France (who also lost to NZ) for the quarter finals due to 2 bonus points and a points difference of 46. They hold the body of academic knowledge created by their scholars in high esteem and the Kukū Kaunaka Collection which comprises every PhD and Masters dissertation written by any Tongan in any country is archived by Seu'ula Johansson-Fua at the Institute for Education in Tonga.[77]. [48] The tropical cyclone season currently runs from 1 November to 30 April, though tropical cyclones can form and affect Tonga outside of the season. Substantial progress has been made, but much work remains to be done. Tonga is a constitutional monarchy. Total Tonga population should reach 111,000 by 2020 and should increase to 140,000 people by year 2050. It is about 1,800 kilometres (1,100 mi) from New Zealand's North Island. His health deteriorated significantly shortly thereafter, and he died at 3:15 pm on 18 March 2012. On average there are 2,549 births and 654 deaths in Tonga per year. The population of Tonga is expected to grow by 1,000 in 2020 and reach 112,000 in 2021.

[62] The country aims to reach 50% of renewable energy by 2020. The population density of Tonga has changed from 129.2 in 1980 to 151.4 in 2018. Population. The task completed in April 2014 and the UK presented Operational Service Medals to each of the soldiers involved during a parade held in Tonga.[44]. [54], The tourist industry is relatively undeveloped; however, the government recognises that tourism can play a major role in economic development, and efforts are being made to increase this source of revenue. [23] Tongans have universal access to a national health care system. [58][59] Rural Tongans rely on both plantation and subsistence agriculture. The United States Exploring Expedition visited in 1840.[18]. [1] The total surface area is about 750 square kilometres (290 sq mi) scattered over 700,000 square kilometres (270,000 sq mi) of the southern Pacific Ocean. The Climate Change Knowledge Portal is a hub of information, data and reports about climate change around the world. He held the chiefly title of Tuʻi Kanokupolu, but had been baptised by Methodist missionaries with the name Siaosi ("George") in 1831. Geologically the Tongan islands are of two types: most have a limestone base formed from uplifted coral formations; others consist of limestone overlaying a volcanic base. Tonga provides for its citizens a free and mandatory education for all, secondary education with only nominal fees, and foreign-funded scholarships for post-secondary education. Later noteworthy European visitors included James Cook (Royal Navy) in 1773, 1774, and 1777; Spanish Navy explorers Francisco Mourelle de la Rúa in 1781 and Alessandro Malaspina in 1793; the first London missionaries in 1797; and the Wesleyan Methodist Reverend Walter Lawry in 1822. The chief pastor of the Free Wesleyan Church serves as the representative of the people of Tonga and of the Church at the coronation of a King or Queen of Tonga where he anoints and crowns the Monarch. [55], Tonga's postage stamps, which feature colourful and often unusual designs (including heart-shaped and banana-shaped stamps), are popular with philatelists around the world.[56].

The first on record is the Ann & Hope which was reported among the islands of Tonga in June 1799. He was later diagnosed with leukaemia.

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