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As described by the Native American Cree legends, they were humans who have been mutated into cannibalistic monsters after being possessed by the Wendigo spirit, causing them to eat the flesh of other humans.
This renders the Wendigo practically impervious against ballistics and sharp weapons. When the group meets back in the basement of the lodge, Ashley discovers Emily's bite if she was bitten. Dirty-White After that, she will successfully evade the Wendigo and return to the lodge. During this chapter, the two also manage to get the attention of Hannah, who follows them up to the cabin, actively chasing them the remaining few hundred yards to their destination and dislodging Jessica's phone from her pocket in the process.

Mike and the wolf (depending on Mike's earlier choices) are tracked by the miner Wendigos throughout the Psychiatric Wing of the Sanatorium. Mike will then blow up the Sanatorium, killing Bates and some of the other Wendigos. While wandering through the mines Ashely can hear Jessica's voice. The moment Jessica returns to the cabin, the Wendigo grabs her through one of the windows and drags her outside, carrying her through the woods and into the derelict mining zone. She is distinguishable by the black butterfly tattoo on her shoulder, which Josh eventually recognizes, if you find the Scrawled Journal. They were humans who have been changed by a Native American spirit into cannibalistic monsters after they ate the flesh of other humans around the mines, due to starvation. However, if he survived, then a Wendigo spirit will possess him and he will begin to transform. Alias The Cree deeply respected the mountain and its nature. After descending down into the tunnels, Ashley will hear the presumable voice of Jessica calling out for help. Wendigos may also attack each other, possibly as a way to reduce competition for food, or because they are simply sadistic killers. The miners who were still "missing" were hidden away in the archives, but it is clear that the survivors resorted to cannibalism to survive.
Billy Bates (also known as Patient 9 in the Sanatorium records) was a member of a blasting crew which worked in the North West Mines in late 1951 and a possessed Wendigo. After Mike goes after The Stranger and fails to slide under a door, he will walk through a small, dark tunnel using his lighter.

That Thing The Wendigo will continue watching the couple, and soon after throws Jessica's phone through the window. The Wendigo takes a more proactive approach and forces an elevator Emily is riding to the surface to come to a stop. DecapitationBurned in explosion Fortunately, over the decades that followed, the Stranger tracked down each transformed miner and successfully captured them one by one, keeping them safely contained in the abandoned sanatorium while he went about hunting any other Wendigo that happened to emerge on the mountain. Wendigos also lose their hair and eventually lose their male and female characteristics, becoming skeletal in appearance. The extreme heat from fire and explosives can burn away the thick skin, inflicting great pain while also rendering them vulnerable to other weapons. If he takes too long, it gives the Wendigo enough time to rip off Jessica's lower jaw, killing her. Determinant If he takes the shortcuts and arrives in time, he finds Jessica badly hurt but alive. They were humans who have been changed by a Native American spirit into cannibalistic monsters after they ate the flesh of other humans around the mines, due to starvation. Not clearly seeing their pursuer, Mike and Jessica assume that it was just a bear.

If Chris was left behind and Ashely died, Hannah will always kill Chris. While Beth dies on impact with the rocks at the base of the cliff, Hannah survives the ensuing tumble into the abandoned mines, though she is left with a broken leg that renders any escape from the caves impossible. By the time the rescue workers arrive, he is eating the Stranger's head and half-transformed, allowing him to make short work of the policemen who would have rescued him. In search of Mike, Sam, Ashley, and possibly Emily and/or Chris will leave the safety of the lodge's basement and descend down into the tunnel that leads to the Sanatorium. They have great predatory skills, often tracking their prey for up to several hours. https://villains.fandom.com/wiki/Wendigo_(Until_Dawn)?oldid=3870290, 11 Miners that survived the cave collapse in 1952. A few seconds later, the miner breaks free and crawls up a wall and out of the camera's sight. According to a medical paper, one of the partially transformed Wendigos was able to lift 725 lb weights, https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Wendigo_(Until_Dawn)?oldid=6922066. They believed harming the mountain in any way would bring a terrible curse with it.European explorers and mining concern… Prologue to Chapter 10.

The clues found here uncover the history of the Blackwood Pines Wendigos, including a brief reel of a partially or fully transformed Wendigo breaking his restraints before (presumably) attacking and killing the medical staff. Therefore, Wendigos may form packs based on their relations from their human life and rival Wendigos that are essentially strangers. It seems they like to hunt prey alone rather than in packs. Until Dawn Fortunately, the other Wendigo do not tolerate Hannah's presence, either mistaking her for prey due to their motion-sensitive eyesight or perceiving her as a potential competitor; whatever the case, a fight breaks out, with the Sanatorium Wendigos ganging up on Hannah and Hannah tearing many of them limb from limb. After mutilating a deer, the Wendigo will then chase the couple until they make it inside a cabin. Realizing that Josh has the only key for the cable car and thus the only means of escaping the mountain, Mike decides to track down the Wendigo's lair in the hopes of rescuing him. Sam will hear the same screeching noise after exiting the bathroom to find Josh. Here she will eventually learn the bite is not infectious as she formerly claimed. He will have to stop to relight the lighter and a Wendigo's eyes can be seen behind some slats. Recognized by their emaciated physiques, spider-like limbs and tattered pale skin, the Wendigo are rarely seen until they decide to pounce.

One consistent pattern is their habit of screeching and screaming, usually as a means of frightening their prey into moving. Eventually, the miners - now fully transformed - broke out and slaughtered the staff en mass, before fleeing into the wilderness, prompting the immediate shutdown of both the mines and the sanatorium by the authorities. She will eventually drag him down to her lair, where he will be stuck with no one to help or rescue him out of the mine. Fortunately, the Stranger arrives to investigate moments later, prompting Hannah to retreat. Full Name

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